About Us

Imagine that you are the whole universe; you are living in bliss and harmony. Picture that there is no past or future, only now, picture that there is no space or time, just a boundless eternity. Imagine unconditional love, peace, having no fear and believing in the equality of all things. This is oneness. Sadly, we can never imagine this fully, to understand or experience anything we need to compare it to something else which, brings us into duality. 

About Us

We are now living in a generation of unprecedented interest in Spirituality. Spiritual experiences are now apart of millions of people's lives. These individuals want to know whether their experiences are real and what they mean. Others want to know how to have more experiences with the divine aspects of life; this is where we help. Oneness is achieved in a number of ways such as divine knowledge and meditation. 

My Journey

I personally have a curious mind, so when I embarked on my spiritual journey understandably I wanted to know everything I possibly could. So Discover Oneness will cover more than spirituality, I will share everything I know about the mind and how to improve one's mindset. I will explore crystals, health and wellness, and astrology. There are so many parts to truly understanding one's self. Learning to connect with the spiritual realms has made a huge positive difference in my life. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I started high school and I did not know how to maintain a positive and happy mindset. Fast forward to now I am 20, my vibrations are lifted, I am happy, positive and ready to help others achieve the same outcome.


We are honored to possess such divine knowledge and have natural healing capabilities. I am thankful for you being here and the unique light you bring now that our paths have crossed. 

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