11/11 - Luck, Abundance, Prosperity & Opportunities?

Just because Mercury is in Retrograde does not mean there are not some magical dates coming up. Monday the 11th of November 2019 is set to be one of the most magical days of this year, thanks to the spiritual significance of 11/11 in numerology, plus some special astrological transits that are making the day even more mystical. In numerology, the number 11 is considered a "master number" and is associated with the spiritual realm and the angels. The astrology of the 11th of November is just as significant.

The 11/11 portal is about a series of magnificent connections between very powerful planets. The Scorpio Sun and Mercury conjunction to Pluto the planet of transformation and Saturn the planet of authority in Capricorn it is encouraging seeing and understanding aspects of fear and possibly abuse from an enlightened perspective. There is also a gleaming anchor, from the planet Neptune in Pisces, who is enveloping the day with the healing waters of the sea. The Sun and Mercury transit taking place is very rare - it won't happen again for another 13 years - making its energy something potent for us to take advantage of.

In addition to these significant planetary aspects, 11/11 happens to be the day before Scorpio season's big luminary: The full moon in Taurus. You can bet we will be feeling that energy too! The Sun and Mercury Retrograde will align in Scorpio on 11/11, opposing the Taurus Moon. This means that we will get flashes of intellectual clarity, even if it opposes our emotional needs. On the 12th of November, there is a very fertile Full Moon in Taurus, making the 11th a great day to release outdated views and transform our lives. 11/11 is a great day for manifesting, but with the release-energy of the full moon, it's a good time to let go and clear any roadblocks on your path to success.

Even the dark horse Scorpio is stepping into a more magical evolution of itself on this special day. Scorpio is considered to be the sign that digs in the depths of the swamp. However, this year, on 11/11, Scorpio is taking the form of the high priestess and observing the undertakings of these deep hidden layers. The energy of the 11th of November combined with the numerological magic and power of this master number date creates the perfect conditions for higher-vibrational energy to lead all of us, allow for more positive manifestations and synchronicity in connections.