14 Signs You're In A Spiritual Relationship With Your Significant Other

Below I have listed 14 different signs in your relationship that you are in a spiritual relationship with your significant other. This will allow you to have awareness of what you have and can work on should you want to shift to a spiritual relationship.

1. You Are Not Consumed By Passion

You experience passion with your partner while still maintaining your individuality as well as being aware that it is not what a happy and healthy relationship is made of. It is an important aspect in your connection but it is not the glue that bonds you together.

2. You Hold A Significant Place For The Other

When you or your partner are speaking the other is completely silent and you do nothing but listen. Neither of you interrupts or comes up with a response you are fully present for one another because you value what each other thinks and feels.


You both value personal growth you understand that your relationship is a tool to help you accomplish that.

4. You're Very Comfortable Around One another - Not In A Lazy Way

You can have sparks and "emotional" feelings while still being comfortable enough to cohabitate and function together, this is far more magical than the alternative.

5. Your Relationship Preceded A Significant Shift In Perspective

You are not the same person you were when you met them, your emotional capacity and opinions have expanded and have been facilitated by the ways they've helped you feel and think.

6. You Put Feeling Over Fact

You don't argue over the logistics over how your partner is feeling. For example, if one person made an upsetting comment the other doesn't brush it off by saying something like "I didn't mean anything by it". They choose to listen and learn regardless.

7. You Both Talk More Than Anything Else

Your best dates are being anywhere that's private and quiet so you can just talk.

8. You Appreciate What You Have While You Have It

You aren't constantly wanting more because you know you have their love. You don't need additional gestures or promises to prove it (although they're nice when you get them).

9. You're Equals, But You Also Have Your Roles

These roles consist of whatever you need them to be, most importantly, they are naturally established. You know who is better at handling certain aspects of your lives together; you trust one another to do just that.

10. You See Partnership As An Opportunity To Experience Love Not A Tool To Create Certainty

You are not desperate for proof that they love you, you aren't threatened by them speaking to another attractive human being. You don't need them to promise forever and ever, you know you're in it together right now.


You think similarily, which is another way of saying you're alike in the ways that matter the most, particularly on how you view the world around you or what your fundamental belief systems are.

12. They Respond To You More When You're Honest

You notice they respond the best to you when you express your genuine and unfiltered thoughts, feelings and opinions. They want to see your unfiltered being it is not something they have to cope with.

13. You Do Your Self-Work Together

You discuss how you're improving yourselves and what hopes you have for your individual future. Your time together is about more than just a partnership, it about how you want your partnership to help facilitate what you want most in life.

14. You Can Separate Knowing You had Bad Day From Thinking You Had A Bad Relationship

You have the ability to not let your personal issues bleed into the relationship. You value your connection too much to let yourself do that, if there is a genuine issue with the relationship itself, you can address that alone.

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