2020 In Numerology

2020 is all about devotion — the work it takes to live your values through every aspect of your life mindfully. The commitment, responsibility, and dedication and enacting of a life's plan that engages you in the manifestation of your goals. It is a year of stepping up. You can't hide this year; action is for everyone. Be willing to accept the invitation the universe is extending to you. 

The theme for 2020 is building solid foundations, to stabilise that framework a little more cathartic evacuation work may be necessary to ensure the footings will endure for decades to come. There is so much that needs to be done, and this is the year of exceptional change in values, natures of our modern world, and you, every one of us plays an important role in bridging this shift into a Universal Humanity.

The Numerology Of Universal Year: 2020 = 4

The Universal Year number in numerology is calculating by adding all the digits of the year together to create a single digit. The Universal Year Number gives you an insight into the vibrations that are felt globally throughout the year, the energetic landscape that colours the canvas of the world throughout the year.  

The Universal Year Number For 2020 Is the Number 4 [ 2+ 0 + 2 + 0 = 4].

The last time we experienced a Universal 4 Year in Numerology was nine years ago in 2011, then again nine years before that in 2002 then again in 1992, 1984 and 197. You may want to look back at these years in your life, see if you can see any patterns that relate to a Universal 4 Year vibration for you! 

Our 2020 Universal 4 year takes on an even more powerful presence in our lives as it marks the ending of three major planetary cycles of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn and the beginning of new 20 year, 12 year and 20-year cycle toward 2040. 

The number '4' in numerology is all about structure, dedications, planning, and foundations. Getting real about your purpose and getting real about what you're dedicating your life towards. Getting real about what you serve. What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read this? Continue to read and embrace the potential of this amazing year ahead with much ease and grace. This year will have your back if you let it. 

2020 - Number 4 - The Tetrahedron

2020 is set to be one very extraordinary year. Now I don't mean that in a fairy-flossy sort of way or to lead you to believe that everything will be roses and rainbows 24/7 - 2020 will most likely be far from that. However, the year 2020 will be one of the most pivotal years so far in this 21st Century!

We are almost 30 years into this Century and 20 years away from 2040 and the dawning of a new world era. 2020 marks the beginning of a whole new decade. 

2020 under the 4 vibration, is set to be a year of dedicated work. It is time to become serious about the plan for your life and what you will be devoting your resources, energy, and time to. This year is about applying yourself, resourcefulness, and commitment, be determined to build solid foundations that support the best version of yourself. You will have to let go of all the self - doubt, grief, and reclaim your happiness. The last couple of decades has been preparing you for this next step towards Universal Humanity. 

2019 embodied the Holy Trinity - putting your Mind, body, and Soul - the power of three aspects of life, past, and future, the Sun, Moon and Earth, Life, Death & Re-birth. 

In 2020, this Holy Trinity will not only be felt but will be anchored deep within the physical world through the 4 vibration. 

The Number 4 In Words

To help clarify the energetic significance of a universal 4 year, let me share more about the number 4, in particular, the words that vibrate to the number 4 in numerology. 

If you know anything about numerology, you may associate the number 4 with Karma. A number of hard work, discipline, not taking shortcuts, and being prepared to stick to the plan to materialise your inner-vision. While all of this is true, there is a much deeper meaning behind all of this, and this helps us in embracing how very powerful a universal 4 year can be. 

The following words in numerology vibrate to the number 4: 

  • Potential

  • Awakening 

  • Universal

  • Archangel

  • Raphael

  • Connection

  • Angels

  • Consciousness

The words gift us potent insight into the depth of transformative change through number 4. This year is about getting out of the pseudo-spiritual marketing hype of 'visualise that you want a Green Mclaren, and it will appear' type of click-bait, and instead direct you into structuring your life in service of your sacred purpose, while also in greater service to the evolution of life itself. 2020 will be the year of your devotion, the year of infusing goodliness in sacred activism. 

All of us have the potential within ourselves to be cosmic instigators of divine change. When we step outside of the story of separation during 2020 and embody connection, collective and personal awakening will be the accelerant that materialises Universal Humanity toward 2040.

In numerology, the word angels vibrate to the master number 22, which further reduces to the number 4. For me, this symbolises that even though the turmoil that may lay ahead in 2020, there is a force greater than us, offering a guiding hand toward cosmic destiny. Angels are ever-present from the inside out, 2020 is the year to 'see the 22 withing everything' through 20/20 vision discover Angelic guidance toward a world more beautiful. 

Check out my next article on your personal year number to see what is in store for you in 2020!


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