5 Steps To Develop Self - Worth

You may be feeling insecure, unstable, or have a constant sense of underlying anxiety that taints everything as if it is poison.

Lack of self - worth is like being a tree without roots.

No matter where you go or what you do, you feel insubstantial and demoralised.

While others appear to be healthy and confident, and you're like a plant that has all of its leaves ripped off. You may try and put a mask on and put up a facade to fool others, but deep down, you know it is all a lie.

Do you feel unworthy of happiness, love, and success?

If you struggle with feeling good about yourself, you are not the only one. I have been there, the majority of us have, and that is not a nice way to live. I will be sharing with you the tips I used to boost my self - worth.

What is Self - Worth?

Self - Worth means believing that you're fundamentally worthy as a person. It is often used alongside words such as self - respect and self - esteem but self - worth is much more rudimentary. When we lack self - worth, an innate sense of dignity is missing.

There is a big difference between self - worth and self - esteem.

Although these two words are synonymous, they're not the same. There's a hierarchy of importance here. Self - worth comes before self - esteem. Self - worth is the foundation - it's like the roots and self - esteem is like the branches.

Without self - worth, self - esteem is shallow and unstable.

Can you imagine what a tree would look like without its roots? Yes, that is right: a tree would be reduced to a pitiful pile of leaves an branches. That is what happens when we don't have the foundation of self - worth.

Self - worth is believing that you're fundamentally worthy, whereas self - esteem is feeling good or confident about yourself.

Can you have self - esteem without self - worth? Yes, look at narcissists. They exude self - esteem or self - confidence so much that it is toxic to other people. There is an issue here that they don't possess self - worth. Their narcissism is a mask or defense mechanism against the tremendous feelings of unworthiness that they carry inside.

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