April 7th / 8th 2020 Super Pink Full Moon in Libra

The April 7th/8th Full Moon asks us to come together and support one another, rather than getting stressed or demotivated by the shift our current lives have taken.

This the biggest and brightest Super Full Moon of the year, and its message shines stronger than ever - it is time to be there for others. Put yourself in other people's shoes, reach out to support, and, in turn, watch how you are held.

The April Full Moon in Libra makes one minor aspect of Neptune, so the recent theme of illness continues. The fixed stars in this region do not have any significant influence on the full moon. Still, other planetary aspects are very substantial, and they do offer the same hope overall. This is a challenging moon phase.

Neptune Illness and Infection

The Super Full Moon in Libra quincunx Neptune increases your emotional sensitivity, which can lead to neurotic distress, confusion, and insecurity. The quincunx signifies health imbalances, and Neptune rules illness and infections. So Full Moon in Apri also increases the risk posed by the coronavirus. Cleanliness and hygiene are critical during this two - week moon phase.

There is also a risk of misdiagnosis, over sensitivity to medications, and addiction. Paranoia and suspicion can lead to the poisoning of a relationship and mistrust. You may be susceptible to gossip, scandal, betrayal, loss, or disappointment. The coronavirus pandemic chart interestingly has the same aspect with almost the same orb.

Jupiter - Pluto Extremes

Jupiter conjunct Pluto is exact on April 4th, which is only three days before the Full Moon. This is a powerful influence on this moon phase. The major alignment is widely square the Full Moon, which makes it more challenging than it would typically be. It is precisely sextile mercury, which brings progressive thinking and even good news! Jupiter conjunct Pluto can make you driven and focused on succeeding. An intense mixed effort and good luck can bring influence and power to make differences in your life.

However, this conjunction is going to intensify the coronavirus pandemic. This is because it falls on Pluto on the pandemic chart Capricorn. So there will be a lot more mass deaths, extreme measures to restrict the virus and fear. Some people will react with extreme prejudice, and ruthless, obsessive behaviour, Selfishness, greed, racism, violence, and crime is possible.

Mercury sextile Jupiter can reduce the destructive behaviours mentioned above as it brings positive thinking. Behaviours mentioned above. A broad outlook and excellent decision-making skills will allow you to make plans in response to new laws and regulations. This is a unique Full Moon to implement new routines in the home.

Mercury sextile Pluto gives the intense focus on concentration to research the truth and uncover big secrets. Trust in your intuition to guide your decisions. This sextile will also transform your way of thinking and adapt to new restrictions affecting movements and communication. Working together with friends and neighbours will make you happier and feel safer.

Full Moon Danger

Mars squares Uranus only 8 hours before the Full Moon, and it will have a dangerous influence. It will make people impulsive and rebel against restrictions made by the government. A tendency to act rashly disregarding the consequences it may lead to significant disruption or conflict. You can't restrain this erratic energy, so you must express your creative and crazy side in a safe environment. Get kinky or dangerous ideas out of your system in a safe place without harming or upsetting others. Avoid taking risks.

Even though we may be feeling all alone, isolated, and uncertain of multiple things, we are all in this situation together, and that is the only way to come through at the end of what seems to be a long and dark tunnel.

On the spiritual side of things, we are all connected, but here in the physical world, we appear as separate. It is a part of our journey on Ghaia to live our lives as individual beings, but at the core of all of us, we are the same. It is a belief that our collective actions and thoughts and vibrations also make up this reality we find ourselves in. We have always been in this journey together, but now we are being guided to recognise the Universal truth and the power it can bring to each and every one of us. If you are starting to feel anxious about the situation you are in right now, think about how you can support others. Stop solely thinking about yourself for a second and put your troubles to the side, see what you can offer the world and others, or even the Universe. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture; it could be a short prayer, lending a helping hand, an act of compassion, or even a donation. The fabric of our reality is changing, which means now is the time where the Universe is most sensitive to our vibrations. We can all now upgrade the tapestry of our existence through love, conscious awareness, and mindfulness. This Full Moon is showing us that old stagnant cycles are breaking, and there will be a wash of new cycles that you can make a positive influence in your life. Our vibration is one of the highest when we accept, honor, and love to who we are and this individual journey. When we put down our egos and allow us to just be, that is when our vibration radiates the highest.

We all need the time we have been given, and we have accepted to be here. Our vibrations are already what is required to calm the blanket and raise it to the next level. Even though there is so much struggle, discomfort, and suffering around us, we are creating a new world. We are building a new reality. Higher beings are surrounding us and joining in. The Libra Super Full Moon may be highlighting feelings of self - live and stirring things in our relationships. If there are any cracks or weaknesses, this Full Moon will potentially expose and shine a light on what needs to be healed. If you need help, don't be afraid to reach out for support at this time, whether you go to a professional, a friend, or your angel guides. We are all here for each other, just like these words are. Let them sink into the depths of your soul and allow them to work and soften you where they need to. This Full Moon can amplify your current emotional state, which can be a great self - discovery tool but can also be overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself and others. This is time to practice compassion, to remember that we are all hurting and struggling in our ways, seek how we can lessen the load for those around us. It is essential that we practice self - care and allows the Full Moon to work on releasing and detoxifying. Stay hydrated, exercise, journal, meditate, and be creative. There isn't any doubt that these are incredibly challenging times, but you are not alone in this. Take comfort in knowing this journey will end soon. Everything is temporary, and through this time of uncertainty, there is no doubt that you are growing and evolving in the same way the planet is too.

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