April 7th / 8th 2020 Super Pink Full Moon in Libra

The April 7th/8th Full Moon asks us to come together and support one another, rather than getting stressed or demotivated by the shift our current lives have taken.

This the biggest and brightest Super Full Moon of the year, and its message shines stronger than ever - it is time to be there for others. Put yourself in other people's shoes, reach out to support, and, in turn, watch how you are held.

The April Full Moon in Libra makes one minor aspect of Neptune, so the recent theme of illness continues. The fixed stars in this region do not have any significant influence on the full moon. Still, other planetary aspects are very substantial, and they do offer the same hope overall. This is a challenging moon phase.

Neptune Illness and Infection

The Super Full Moon in Libra quincunx Neptune increases your emotional sensitivity, which can lead to neurotic distress, confusion, and insecurity. The quincunx signifies health imbalances, and Neptune rules illness and infections. So Full Moon in Apri also increases the risk posed by the coronavirus. Cleanliness and hygiene are critical during this two - week moon phase.

There is also a risk of misdiagnosis, over sensitivity to medications, and addiction. Paranoia and suspicion can lead to the poisoning of a relationship and mistrust. You may be susceptible to gossip, scandal, betrayal, loss, or disappointment. The coronavirus pandemic chart interestingly has the same aspect with almost the same orb.

Jupiter - Pluto Extremes

Jupiter conjunct Pluto is exact on April 4th, which is only three days before the Full Moon. This is a powerful influence on this moon phase. The major alignment is widely square the Full Moon, which makes it more challenging than it would typically be. It is precisely sextile mercury, which brings progressive thinking and even good news! Jupiter conjunct Pluto can make you driven and focused on succeeding. An intense mixed effort and good luck can bring influence and power to make differences in your life.

However, this conjunction is going to intensify the coronavirus pandemic. This is because it falls on Pluto on the pandemic chart Capricorn. So there will be a lot more mass deaths, extreme measures to restrict the virus and fear. Some people will react with extreme prejudice, and ruthless, obsessive behaviour, Selfishness, greed, racism, violence, and crime is possible.