Crystals For Cancer's Energy

Below I am going to go through the healing crystals I recommend for Cancer's season and energy.


Moonstone is one of Cancer's birthstones. It has a variety of feldspar revered for its multicoloured sheen when polished. This optical illusion is referred to as "adularescence" and is responsible for giving the stone its pearly, milky glow which reminiscent of the glow of a full moon, hence the name.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that this crystal comes directly from the rays of the moon, and as such, it has been used since ancient times as a protective stone, especially while travelling through the night.

Moonstone is linked to both the Crown and Third Eye Chakra, making it a powerful stone for improving one's intuition and for connecting with one's subconscious.

It is beneficial for Cancerians suffering from clouded thoughts as a result of self-doubt. It is also a crystal of self-expression and is helpful for times when you struggle to tell people what you want or need from them. A lot of people struggle with this, especially when it comes to issues within relationships.


Opal is a crystal that has been revered since ancient times. It is both metaphysical and physical properties, particularly for its iridescent "play of light." Physically, Opal is a beautiful stone, just staring into the rainbow of colours that flashes within the crystal even with the slightest movement and change in angle can leave you mesmerised.

Opal comes in different variations and colours, ranging from colourless, violet, green to orange, white, pink, red, and yellow.

Opal is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer due to having hydrous silicon dioxide with high water content. Cancer's element is water, and as such, Opal is considered to be one of Cancer's zodiac birthstones.

The healing crystal Opal is known for boosting creativity, memory, recall, and connecting to one's highest self. It is a transformation crystal - as it brings to light issues that you may have buried deep inside you and allows you to see through them. It enables you to transform negative energy into positive energy, or at least shine a bit of positivity into darker areas of your life. This is important for Cancer's who, despite being adaptable, tend to hold onto resentment when they feel like they have been wronged, especially by family members.


Similar to Moonstone, Selenite is another crystal that is associated with the moon. The ancient Greeks named the stone after their moon goddess Selene. It is commonly white and has some similarities to white moonstone except without the opalescent sheen.

It is also a stone associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, making it another excellent crystal for improving self - discovery, intuition, and protection against any kind of negative energy. It is a unique crystal for sensitive Cancerian, as it helps cleanse one's mind of negative thoughts and helps promote forgiveness.


Calcite is a crystal that comes in a wide array of colors, ranging from blue, red, grey, black, orange, peach, and yellow. It is a mineral made of calcium carbonate found in many limestone deposits. It is used for many industrial purposed, but its reputation for healing dates back to ancient times. It is a grounding crystal that the ancient Greeks used to adorn tombstones and for clearing the body of blockages allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body.

It is also a gemstone associated with the moon, which is why it is considered a suitable stone for Cancer's. Since Calcite comes in different colours, its chakra association depends on the colour of the crystal. Calcite is a manifestation stone, making it an excellent stone for anyone who wants to boost their careers or focus on work, regardless of the stone's colour.

Blue Calcite is useful for Cancers who work in creative fields; many people under this sign are naturally gifted in the arts. It is an excellent stone for speaking your truth and connecting with your highest self to strengthen your intuitive nature.

Green or Pink/Peach Calcite is recommended for Cancerians dealing with love, and yellow Calcite is an excellent option for those dealing with self-esteem issues.


Carnelian is a stone that comes in a wide range of orange and red hues. It is a stone associated with the Root Chakra as well as the Sacral Chakra. It is also associated with Cancer because it helps with family issues, safety, and security. It allows people with self-esteem issues to develop a healthier sense of self.

Cancer's are prone to self-pity and mood swings when they are down, Carnelian is an excellent stone to combat your mood swings, as it helps you focus on the present instead of wallowing in the past. It also boosts energy, so whenever you feel low carrying a piece of this can give you an energy boost, allowing you to accomplish what is needed.


Citrine is known as the "Merchant's Stone" because of its reputation for attracting prosperity, especially in business. It is a variety of quartz and can be purchased as clusters and tumble stones. Citrine is a must-have for any collector, especially when used for its metaphysical traits. It is a powerful manifestation stone not only for attracting money but also boosts creativity.

It is yellow and is linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and as such, it is an excellent stone for people dealing with self-esteem problems. It is also powerful for keeping boundaries clear, which is someone most Cancer's have a problem with due to their helpful and empathic nature.

Red Jasper

Jasper comes in several opaque colours, but the most common is red. Red Jasper is a result of iron inclusions in the stone. As a healing crystal, Red Jasper is a result of iron inclusions in the stone. As a healing crystal, Red Jasper resonates with the Root Chakra, which vibrates red, and it is commonly associated with identity and family.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian is a variety of Obsidian that appears opaque black at first glance showcases multiple colours once you look clearly. Like many other black stones, it resonates with the Root Chakra and is generally a grounding stone. It is also used as a protection stone against negativity.


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