Following up from my previous post, the 30 degrees within each zodiac house can be divided into three groups of 10 degrees. These divisions are termed as decanates. The first 10 degrees are called the first decanate, as it goes as follows. 

The first decanate of any sign corresponds to the sign being studied, so for example, if the first deanate of Aries will relate to Aries. 

The second decanate of any sign takes on the characteristics of the next sign in the same element, so for Aries, it is Leo. 

Then the third decanate of any sign is the last sequential sign within the same element, so for Aries, it would then be Sagittarius. 

Each decanate in each sign gets the traits or qualities of the sign ruling it. The first decanate is the strongest, and it corresponds to the double strength of the sign. A person born during the second and third decanate will be less typical of the sign in question. 

The signs are said to have the physical and psychological significances and are related to the mind, body, and soul.  

0 - 9 degrees

This decanate corresponds to the physical side and related to the body. When a person has many planets in these degrees, they would be materialistic, practical, and sensible. These degrees are very powerful. The 0 degree represents the beginnings, and the 9th degree represents the physical aspects and endings. 

10 - 19 degrees

This decanate links to the mental state of mind. Those with more planets in this decanate are said to be intelligent and concentrate more time on activities for the mind. They are very logical thinkers and tend to be well - informed about what's currently going on, such as trends, etc. Degree 10 represents new pursuits, and degree 19 represents the peak of mental activity. 

20 - 29 degrees 

This decanate links to the spiritual aspects of a person. When many planets are within this decanate, they would be more spiritually inclined. Some might have problems like self - destruction, and addiction. Degree 29 relates to the spiritual peak. You may be an old soul if you find a lot of planets within this decanate. 

In astrology divides the zodiac into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees. The zodiacs are then divided into three decans of 10 degrees each. The Decans are defined by the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water).