First New Moon of 2020 - January 24th New Moon In Aquarius

The New Moon on Friday, January 24th, in Aquarius, is square Uranus. This is a sign of unexpected changes, crazy mood swings, and unpredictable behaviour. The New Moon is also influenced by a star that indicates mood swings and crises.

This New Moon will cause anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty. But ... there are definitely positive aspects of this New Moon too that you can take advantage of. By keeping your emotions stable and your mind focused you will be able to decisively and quickly change conditions to find true love, success, and wealth.

The New Moon Meaning

A New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another 28-day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives a burst of energy and initiative. So this is a great time to make fresh starts, start new projects, and forgive people. You can also revisit and quest bad habits, toxic traits, believes for a new way to make progress in your life.

New Moon, January 24th - Astrology

The January 24th New Moon at 04°21' Aquarius makes one significant aspect, so it is straight forward to decipher. A New Moon square Uranus means unpredictable behaviour, changes, and uncertainty.

A fixed star is influencing this New Moon which indicates crises, mental instability, and emotional problems. So the combination of the challenging Uranus aspect and the neurotic star is not a great omen for harmony and peace in the month ahead.

New Moon Problems

The New Moon Uranus brings anxiety and unexpected changes. A buildup of the nervous tension can result in unpredictable behaviour, abruptness, and sudden mood swings. A strong urge to assert your independence can lead to arguments and impulsiveness.

The best way for you to handle this New Moon is with flexibility and open-mindedness. Be the proactive and positive change; figure out what is causing the feeling of impending chaos and drama and why you are feeling so restless.

Changes in your appearance or attitude could lead to a brave new path that opens your life to many more possibilities and opportunities. This is also the perfect moon to break addictions or bad habits. If you choose to work through these bad habits you'll be able to assert your independence.

Venus square Mars may cause difficulties in relationships because of competitive and sexual tension. Impulsiveness and minimal self - control could easily exacerbate the unpredictable nature of Uranus. So if you are already a fairly aggressive or impatient person, try not to lose your temper. When dating takes care not to lower your standards or put yourself at risk because you have impatience when it comes to lust.