Full Harvest Moon on Friday 13th: This won't happen again until 2049

With the Full Harvest moon approaching very soon, we need to prepare for the massive energy shift.

Its exact peak is 5:33 am BTS (9:33 pm PT) it will be locked in tight conjunction with both Mars and Neptune.

Firstly it is expected that a watery, imaginative, hazy and daydreamy air will be going central in the atmosphere during this full moon due to the Moon in Pisces and the conjunction to Pisces ruling planet Neptune.

However, with Mars in Virgo and the strong opposition between the planets, Mars and Neptune suggest another element to the equation.

Neptune is of a lower-intensity type of energy; something introspective and pondering and Pisces is just that with a propensity to calm things down a notch.

Mars represents our sexual energy, drive, willpower, and how we assert ourselves. Mars fuels your ambition.

Virgo is an empathic sign, also very aware so similar to Mars in Cancer, this Mars position has the capability of producing effects such as consciousness of health and the body.

When you mix that with Neptune, we have got a formula for sleep,d daydreamy and slow energy with a propensity towards kindness, the consciousness of health and empathy.

The Sun and Moon are very carefully forming positive aspects to Pluto and Saturn with the Nodes (Where an eclipse happens).

This is an indication of resolving our recent struggles and healing spiritually. The resolution of what Saturn conjunct Pluto has brought us this year with an immense potential for general disarray, darkness, and purging which has followed many people throughout 2019.

Every disruption you have endured this year can be astrologically attributed to Saturn conjunct Pluto. The one every 36 - years aspect that started to peak around April - August, and truly peaked with the eclipse that conjoined it caused its energy to reverberate throughout everything from around July 16th to the end of August.

This Full Moon occurs in a positive aspect to the place where the eclipses happened. The Pluto aspect is the closest, which is also the best possible result because Saturn is the heavy, dark energy, and Pluto is the purging energy that eventually feels like the rebirth of a Phoenix through the ashes.

When someone feels, one wave of Pluto, the initial disruption may seem like bad luck, but the next wave can be very different. Often the second dose of Pluto brings resolution to the initial disruption, which brings an appreciation for things, humbleness, and gratitude.

After this Full Moon, a lot of you may feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the things you have in life. It shouldn't be all that loud, as the energies composing this equation are incredibly introspective and quiet.

The axis of Virgo/Pisces upon where the Full Moon falls is considered the axis of introversion. The axis of introversion squares is very different from the axis of extroversion, consisting of Gemini and Sagittarius. Now, Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is in line there is also deep in the equation of the Full Moon.

The peak of Jupiter square Neptune, not a common aspect, is occurring around the time of the Full Moon as well. This adds social power, energy, and the will to express things with a lighthearted feeling to the more calm, less active Neptune/Pisces energy.

Occasionally on a Jupiter square Neptune day, it manifests as more tired, low energy and like a blanket has been pulled over the will for anyone to do anything.

Sometimes on the same day, suddenly that imaginative energy may be poured into something active, social or Jupiterian.

All of these possibilities are being cemented in the full moon, which could cause the effect of rejuvenated gratitude and spiritual pondering for the next week or two.

Are you prepared for the Full Harvest Moon?