Full Moon: Forgiveness & Gratitude

The Full Moon is generally considered to be the end of the lunar cycle. Of course, the lunar cycle, never actually ends. The Full Moon seems to be the 'climax' of the monthly lunar cycle. The energies build and build-up to the Full Moon then ... BOOM. There 's always some sort of Full Moon madness followed by some cosmic lunar sigh. At the time of the Full Moon, we are being asked, or more, rather forced to deal with our 'problems.' This is why sometimes people may feel a little more 'loony.' 

The Full Moon is about releasing the old: letting go of lower energies that come from upsets or any negative events, as well as negative behaviour patterns ou have fallen into. It is about releasing toxins, toxic people, and bad habits. It's about letting - go and clean - slate time. It is the time to release the things we don't want: guilt, disappointment, jealousy, or fear. 

The Full Moon is an incredibly powerful time to start doing inner work - for looking within, shedding the pasts, and shifting blocks. When the Moon is full, it's at its brightest, and it can shine a light on our darkness - on the deepest parts of ourselves that we usually can't see. 

The Full Moon also reminds us to pay attention to our working life. Are you spending too much? Events happening at the Full Moon can tell us to rein things in. Are you giving too much? This is also a time where the Full Moon tells you to remember to take as well. 

Why is forgiveness crucial for manifesting?

It is important to note that in order to realise our dreams via the New Moon manifesting, we need to have released any grudges or upsets that we may have against anyone. That is just how it works. The Full Moon is also the ideal time to practice forgiveness and gratitude. We can use the Full Moon to do the following:

  • Process Negative emotions

  • Process Fears

  • Process Upsets

  • Process Arguments

  • Process Disappointments

  • Process Dramas

  • Process Wrongdoings

In order to process these things (and release the karmas that come along with whatever happens), we have to forgive. That could mean forgiving ourselves or forgiving someone else. It sounds more challenging than it is. 

Once a month, at the time of the Full Moon, we can take a moment to 'get square' with our teachers. We forgive them for what they have done because they have a soul contract with us, whether they know it or not. 

Resentment only leads to bitterness, which is toxic. 

Full Moon Timings

You can look on any astrology page the Full Moon timings; the Full Moon does not always take place at night. For example, it might take place at 10 am or 5 pm or any other time of the day. The best time to practice your Full Moon forgiveness work is the night before the Full Moon rather than after. 

How to forgive

It can be argued that being angry is better than feeling hopeless. However, anger should be seen merely as a stepping stone on the way back to wellness - which is when you no longer harbour any upset against someone. 

Sometimes you can forgive and forget, other times you can only forgive but can't forget or it isn't wise to forget. We are all human, and we make mistakes; we are all fighting our own battles.

Just to clarify: forgiving someone for what they did does not make what they did right. It means you've dealt with it and can now move on. The signals we are sending out are more in tune with our anger than they are with anything else. Remember, to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

When you're angry, we're giving out bad vibes. When we forgive, we give out much cleaner, purer, and happier vibes; when we do that, it is far easier for us to manifest our dreams. 

Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

On the night of the Full Moon, start by sitting quietly by for 10 minutes or so and mentally forgive anyone who you are holding a grudge against. If there is anyone that is getting on your nerves or upsetting you, ask them to forgive you for your bad feelings and send them love. Then do the following:

  1. Take some deep breaths. Release any stress, worries, or cares as you breathe.

  2. Now think about a habit, a thought pattern, or an idea that has upset you that you want to release. It can be more than one. Write it down on a sheet of paper - write as much as you need to, to 'express' this. 

  3. Next, think of anyone who has upset you. You can go right back to your childhood, to anyone who did you wrong, and who you have not yet forgiven. List their names on a sheet of paper, and also write down what it is they did. Write as much as you need to. You have now created a forgiveness sheet. 

  4. Close your eyes and visualise each person in turn. See them inside a pink bubble in your mind's eye (pink is one of the colours of love). See them smiling at you. Create a good feeling between the two of you and say out loud, ' I forgive you,' and then let them float off in a bubble. 

  5. Now recite the following Full Moon Forgiveness and Karma Release Formula: ' Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive everyone positively. I also forgive myself for past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am now forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realising this, I abide in peace.

  6. Now stand over the sink, or anywhere else you will not set the house on fire (LOL), and burn your forgiveness list. This ritual releases the energies into the ether for transmutation into love. 

The Importance of Gratitude

After performing the above ceremony and writing your forgiveness list, you're releasing resentment, so of course, you now need to replace it. Gratitude is the ideal quality to replace resentment. It increases your vibration so that you will be happier, and the higher nd clearer your vibration, the better able you will be to manifest in two weeks' time when the New Moon rolls around. 

Gratitude Ceremony

When you're in a state of gratitude, you can manifest even better than usual. This is because being in this state closes down your ego, which might otherwise bring in doubts while you're manifesting. Here is how you do it:

  1. Take a moment to think of at least three people, situations, or places for which you're grateful. Feel gratitude. Feel it in your body!

  2. Write a list of who / what you're grateful for. 

  3. Burn your gratitude list after writing. You just want to let things go at this time of the month. 

  4. Finally, if it feels right for you, says this incarnation: ' I know that I am blessed, and I live my life within that knowing.