Full Moon Forgiveness & Gratitude

The Full Moon is considered to mark the end of a lunar cycle. Of course, the lunar cycle never really ends - at least it hasn't to date. The Moon is always waxing and waning. The energies build-up to the Full Moon and then boom! Following the Full Moon, there is some form of "madness" following where we are being asked to deal with our stuff. 

The Full Moon is all about letting go of lower energies that come from negative events, as well as negative patterns you have fallen into. It's about releasing patterns, thoughts, and toxic people. It's a good time to do inner work - for healing, shifting blocks and shedding the past. 

Why Is Forgiveness Crucial For Manifesting?

It is important to note that to realise our dreams via New Moon manifesting, we need to have released any grudges that we have against anyone. The Full Moon is also the ideal time to practice forgiveness and gratitude. We can use the Full Moon to process the following:

  • Negative Emotions

  • Upsets

  • Fears

  • Wrongdoings

  • Dramas

  • Arguments

  • Disappointments

To process and release the karma that goes with whatever happened, we have to forgive. That might also mean forgiving ourselves or forgiving someone else. 

You can look at everything in the following way: before you came down here to Earth, and before you incarnated, you made several soul agreements. You knew that you wanted your soul to evolve during your lifetime, so you made agreements with other souls to 'do things to each other' that would push all your buttons, but ultimately it would teach you. 

So, when someone does something to upset you, think you probably have a soul contract with them and look for the lessons they are teaching you. Resentment only leads to bitterness, which is toxic. As the Buddha said, 'holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.'  

How To Forgive Someone

It could be argued that being angry is better than feeling hopeless. However, anger should be seen merely as a stepping stone on the way back to wellness - which is when you no longer hold resentment towards anyone. 

At times you can forgive and forget. Sometimes we can only forgive, but we can't forget. Other times you can forgive, but it isn't wise to forget. We are all human, and we all make mistakes as we all have our battles. 

To clarify, forgiving someone does not make what they did right. It means you have dealt with it, and now you can move on. When we are angry with someone, we are furious and sometimes bitter. The vibrations we send out into the Universe are more in tune with anger than they are with anything else. These vibrations we send out into the Universe have a significant impact on how our life unfolds. Remember when it comes to The Law of Attraction like attracts like. 

When we are angry, we give out bad vibes, but when we forgive, we give out pure and happy vibes instead, which makes it far easier for us to manifest. 

Check out my video on my Instagram to see my step by step guide on how to forgive

The Importance Of Gratitude

After practicing forgiveness using my guide on how to forgive, you need to replace the energy you have released. This will increase your vibration so that you will be happier, and the higher and clearer your vibration is, the better you will be able to manifest in two weeks at the New Moon. 

Full Moon Gratitude Ceremony

1. Take a moment and think of three situa

tions, places, or people for which you are grateful. Feel gratitude and feel this energy in your body!

2. Write a list of who/what you're grateful for. 

3. Burn this list once you are done writing it as you want to let things go at this point in the lunar phase. 

4.Finally, if you feel that it resonates at the time, say the following mantra/affirmation 'I know that I am blessed, and I live my life within that knowing.