Full Moon October 31st 2020 - Halloween Blue Moon

This October 31st Blue Moon is extremely rare and powerful for many reasons.

This Full moon is striking, especially due to Uranus's close conjunction with the blue moon in Taurus, the planet of revolution and changes. This is likely to continue the widespread shake-up the world is experiencing, with many more surprising and sudden events to come.

The impulsive and very unpredictable Full Moon has consequences for the presidential election on November 3rd. Mercury stationary direct square Saturn on the same day will increase disagreements, violence, delays, and a potential "rebellion."

Full Moon, October 2020 Breakdown

The October 31st Full Moon is in Taurus, and it is almost conjunct Uranus at Taurus. This is beyond powerful and will bring a disruptive influence for the next two weeks.

Mercury Rx square Saturn is an additional challenging influence in this full moon too. This will also last roughly two weeks as Mercury is hardly moving and stations direct on November 3rd, 2020.

There is also a fixed star in Taurus with a slight violent influence, but it rewards hard work, determination, and a good omen for marriage.

In this Full Moon, we find Venus in opposition with Chiron, the wounded healer. This indicates that wounding in a relationship as well as healing through connectivity is emphasised as prominent themes. This will bring a breakthrough for relationships as it is encouraging you to find new ways to relate to one another through divisiveness and confusion. Saturns strong presence square Mercury is the current configuration; this suggests taking responsibility for ourselves.

Here we need to take responsibility or our own unconscious patterns that perpetuate conflict and dis-harmony.

As you may already know, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto formed a triple conjunction in Capricorn earlier this year. We are going into the next unfolding of the Saturn-Pluto combination that began along with the Covid situation at the start of this year in January. As Jupiter comes along to be with these two power-house planets in mid November, it is like a telescope getting placed on power structures in our world.

Uranus Blue Moon

The Ful Moon conjunct Uranus will potentially make you feel anxious, jumpy, impatient, and restless. A sense of impending change will make it difficult for you to relax. Emotional volatility may lead to odd behaviour, accidents, or rapid changes.

Unexpected events and changes will have an unsettling effect on relationships. You may be dealing with emotional detachment, separation, or a general lack of security/stability.

This unpredictable and erratic full moon is best approached with an open mind and flexibility. Opportunities may arise to make positive changes in your life; you will have more freedom to find your unique path in life and express your inner self.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury square Saturn brings bad news, sadness, and misunderstandings. Mercury stationing direct on November 3rd increases the risk of travel delays and disagreements.

The Full moon conjunct Uranus, Mercury square Saturn and Mercury Rx can all cause lack of concentration and impatience. It is essential to listen carefully, pay attention to detail, and think twice about important decisions.

The Blue Moon Star

October 31st Full Moon in Taurus aligns with one of the brightest stars in the constellation of Aries. This discrepancy is due to the equinoxes' precision, which has moved the Sun Signs a whole sign of alignment with the constellations from which were named over 2000 years ago.