How to keep your mind and body healthy at work

It is hardly a surprise that we are happier and far more productive when we are feeling our best. An effective workplace wellness strategy must focus on both our physical and mental health. So here at nine of my tips to keep your mind and body healthy during work hours.

1. Take breaks

Although it is essential to stay focused at work, it is also crucial that you take periodic breaks too. Taking time away from your tasks does not mean it will take you longer to complete. Working for too long will make you lose focus, whereas taking breaks will improve your focus.

2. Keep up with exercise routines

If you don't have an exercise routine, I would not suggest that you create one when you are at your peak but if you have one already do not stop! Exercise is known to relieve stress, and job stress causes many health issues, so the less you have of it, the better.

If it is challenging to work in your exercise routine or you want to do something, then you can try going for a walk during your lunch and walk around for roughly two minutes every hour.

3. Make time for fun

It is essential that you do not fall into the monotonous routine of work, go home and sleep again work, go back, and sleep. Try and squeeze in a couple of hours a week to see friends or watch a movie. If you don't make time for fun regardless of your job or how you felt about it, in the beginning, you WILL grow to resent it.

4. Drink water

I know everyone says it, water fixes EVERYTHING. You must remain hydrated not just for the body but for your mind too. Water is essential for your brain to function, so if you are struggling to focus it is time to chug a glass of water!

If you find water boring, you can try adding slices of Lemon, Apples, Oranges and even strawberries to add a hint of flavor and not bring up your calories too much.

5. Limit your caffeine intake

A lot of people survive on caffeine during a long day or any day, it may enable you to stay alert for a short amount of time, but too much can cause problems.

You do not need to give up altogether, especially during a stressful time where you would usually rely on it but refrain from overdoing it. The last thing that you want is to be jittery or have an upset stomach during work. The crash after you come down from a caffeine high will lead to sleepless nights.

6. Avoid working seven days a week

Sometimes there is a lot to do, and you may think having no days off is a good idea, let me tell you right now it is NOT. It is tough to sustain a healthy schedule when your work and health is suffering.

Try to keep at least one-day work free; that time is essential for you to refresh your mind and body.

7. Don't overdo it with junk food

When you are busy, it is easy to turn to take out or junk food; sometimes, it may also seem like it is the only option; it is fast and pleasing. When you are stressed out, you tend to crave sweets and salty food. The takeout and junk food will satisfy you, but it is a lot of calories with little if any nutrition. Make sure you fuel your body with nutrition.

You may not have time to make or prepare full meals every day so a few days a week you can make a salad and add a hard-boiled egg, canned tuna, or rotisserie chicken for protein. You can also purchase whole fruits or fruit salad.

8. Get enough sleep

It seems like a simple thing, but adults should be getting 8 hours of sleep give or take on either end. Without it, you'll be plagued with fatigue, and you will find it extremely difficult to concentrate during the day.

Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on the weekend. If you need to nap, make sure it is between 15-20 minutes and no longer, this should only be used to refresh yourself during the day.

9. Accommodate to your morning or night preferences

If you feel that you need to spend extra hours working, why not do it during the hours that you work best? Find out if you can come in earlier if you are a morning person if you are unable to do that you can still use your time efficiently. Get up earlier than you usually would to complete the tasks you would if you got home at a reasonable time.

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