How to keep your mind and body healthy at work

It is hardly a surprise that we are happier and far more productive when we are feeling our best. An effective workplace wellness strategy must focus on both our physical and mental health. So here at nine of my tips to keep your mind and body healthy during work hours.

1. Take breaks

Although it is essential to stay focused at work, it is also crucial that you take periodic breaks too. Taking time away from your tasks does not mean it will take you longer to complete. Working for too long will make you lose focus, whereas taking breaks will improve your focus.

2. Keep up with exercise routines

If you don't have an exercise routine, I would not suggest that you create one when you are at your peak but if you have one already do not stop! Exercise is known to relieve stress, and job stress causes many health issues, so the less you have of it, the better.

If it is challenging to work in your exercise routine or you want to do something, then you can try going for a walk during your lunch and walk around for roughly two minutes every hour.

3. Make time for fun

It is essential that you do not fall into the monotonous routine of work, go home and sleep again work, go back, and sleep. Try and squeeze in a couple of hours a week to see friends or watch a movie. If you don't make time for fun regardless of your job or how you felt about it, in the beginning, you WILL grow to resent it.

4. Drink water

I know everyone says it, water fixes EVERYTHING. You must remain