How To Raise Your Vibrations To Attract What You Need

As you may or may not have realised the universe is made up of energy. From the cup of coffee that wakes you up in the morning to the cells inside your organs - all of it is made up of energy that vibrates. 

So everything is made up of energy that vibrates now can we raise our vibrations to attract positive things towards us?

When we discuss the term "being connected," we often think of it as if it is an abstract concept or just another way to state the obvious - that we are all human. While we are all connected in that sense, we are also connected to everything that is around us. 

What Does Raising Your Vibrations Mean?

Every single thing is made of energy, and based on The Law Of Vibration, that energy is a constant state of vibration. So, raiding your vibration means that you are changing the rate at which your energy is vibrating. This all depends on your emotional, mental, and physical state. You have the ability to change your energetic vibration by changing the way you act, think, or feel. There are many ways you can do this, such as performing acts of love and kindness or doing a quiet meditation once a day.  

High Vibrations Vs Low Vibrations

The higher the vibration is, the higher its frequency, and the more ethereal it becomes. These higher vibrational frequencies create waves of light and transcend physical matter. 

Lower vibration, on the other hand, are heavy and related to dense matter. Just as high vibrational intentions like compassion, hope, and love can manipulate physical matter, low vibrational intentions such as anger, fear, and hate do the same. 

Can Food Raise Your Vibrations?

Yes, they can! Some foods can aid in raising the vibrations of your body and your energy. Below is a list of foods and drinks you can consume to achieve this:



Raw Chocolate




Spring Water 

Fresh Fruits

Intentions As Energy 

Not many of us are aware of this, but our thoughts can alter the physical properties of objects around us. Your thoughts are your reality as many of the people in my life hear me say like a broken record day in and day out - it's true!

Keep your thoughts and intentions focused on the outcome that you want. If you want to believe that drinking one glass of wate