How To Spiritually Awaken In The New Year

Towards the end of every year before January starts, we all have the opportunity to renew our commitment to personal growth. Now is the time to refocus your life on what matters most, which is the authentic expression of your inner truth. All of life's disharmonies and imbalances come from a state of incongruence between our external and internal realities. Aligning both of these aspects of our being is far easier than you think. The secret is to recognise, express, and understand the intuitive connection between our being and the universal, cosmic higher self.

If you follow these six steps in order and regularly, you will begin to attune your being with the pathways of universal expression and give you the awareness and power to create the blissful, creative life of your dreams.

1) Be Still

Stop! Just do nothing. This is the first mantra of an awakening. For you to hear the voice of God, the Universe of our higher self, we have to quiet the din of twenty-first-century life. Practice unplugging and make time to meditate daily, even if it's while you're on the bus or in bed at night. Clear your schedule of unnecessary activities and embrace the joy of spending time with your self.

2) Get Into The Flow

Once you have made a space in your life to connect with yourself and your Intuition, it's time to get those juices flowing. Physical, emotional, and mental blockages impede the expression of universal energies, prevent us from manifesting our best life, so create a weekly 'energy workout' routine for body, mind, spirit, and heart. To stay attuned, practice one of two of the following activities from each area:

  • BODY: Gardening, Walks In Nature, Dance, Exercise, Yoga

  • MIND: Mantra Practice, Meditation, Using Malas, Listening To Music, Mindfulness

  • HEART: Creating A Vision Board, Writing Poetry, Marking Music/Art, Journaling

  • SPIRIT: Practice Gratitude, Smile, Send And Receive Joy

3) Recognise Your Intuition

With our energy clear and flowing, we are now, more than ever, open to receive our inner guidance. Our Intuition is our connection to God, the Universe, and all that is beyond our state of consciousness. Our Intuition knows everything, and it is our best friend. It is constantly pushing us towards our highest potential.

This is why we need to start honouring that still, small voice within and the many ways it guides and affirms us. Begin keeping track of the way your Intuition talks to you, including:

  • Gut feeling or emotion that may defy common sense

  • Unexplained sense of knowing

  • Inspiration, new idea or epiphany Unusual sensory experiences, voices, visions or physical sensations