March 9th Super Full Moon - Beginning of 3 Back to Back Super Moons

Today March 9th, 2020, a Super Full Moon, or Moon that is closer proximity to the Earth than usual, will highlight the sign of Virgo. This will be the first of three Full Moons in a row and deliver a critical turning point - as well as new information. Given that Full Moons are like light bulbs looking to turn signs on in our consciousness, new details (a Virgo necessity!) will need to come to the surface. Watch for new insights as well as essential factors that you may have missed earlier. Some missing pieces now need to come to the surface.

The Full Moon opposite Neptune causes deception, scandal, and confusion. This challenging aspect to the planet ruling illness and infection may also increase fears about coronavirus, which may be well - based if a pandemic is declared. A trine aspect to Jupiter brings the potential good fortune, faith, and trust. However, this generous aspect to the planet of growth could also increase the spread of the virus.

A lot is happening alongside the power of the Moon. Mercury is stationing direct, ending the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020. More importantly, Saturn will enter the critical 29th degree of Capricorn, getting ready to change signs later in the month. The picture may seem fuzzy given Neptune's close involvement - but things are indeed happening.

Practical Virgo vs Emotional Pisces

While the Moon will be highlighting the sign of Virgo, it's exact opposite Pisces will still be gaining a load of attention. A pull to get lost in all different types of feelings will be heightened. Many of us are going through an intense amount of thoughts and feelings, not being able to decipher what should be done. Pisces means well - but she can easily get lost and usually has a tough way of finding herself through the maze. This Super Full Moon is a breaking point; a new light begins to shine in where to go next.

This practical Virgo energy can be your snap back into what needs to happen. Clarity into our dazed and confused state, as well as some direction into where to go next, will start to take over. Virgo likes just to go ahead and get things done, and her arrival onto the scene can begin some essential clean - up phases.

Learn more about the astrology behind the Super Full Moon I Virgo and what area in your astrology activated.

Full Moon Challenges

The Full Moon opposite Neptune can increase your emotional sensitivity so much that you could become confused about your feelings and misunderstand others. You may also give them the wrong impression.

A tendency to over idealise someone and ignore their negative character traits could leave you vulnerable to deception and scandal. Being misunderstood, rejected, or victimised could lead to fear, isolation, self - pity, and even disappointment. So be very clear and honest about your intentions and avoid gossip.

Your intuition may become negatively influenced by your subconscious fears and unreliable. You may imagine things that are not real, experience strange feelings, or have nightmares. Take extra precautions if you are not feeling well, as you could be more susceptible to illness and infection.

Full Moon Solutions

Full Moon trine Jupiter brings good feelings and happiness. It helps you share your feelings with openness and honesty to reduce the deceptive influence of Neptune. It also improves mutual respect and understanding to reduce the confusing influence of Neptune. It also enhances mutual respect and understanding to reduce the complicated influence of Neptune.

Increased self - awareness will help you better differentiate reality and illusion. The fortunate Jupiter aspect helps bring a positive trait of Neptune like creativity, compassion, and imagination out. Success, popularity, wealth, and friendship is certainly possible under this Moon.

Jupiter sextile Neptune brings harmony, hope, kindness, and good fortune. This enlightening spiritual aspect gives an excellent overall perspective of who you are and your place in the world. You can better align yourself and your goals with spiritual philosophy or religious beliefs.

You can be generous without sacrificing your living standards. You can grow spiritually without throwing away your material possessions. Optimism, moral integrity, and good intentions make this a great Full Moon for professional advancement, legal matters, and business.

Full Moon Stars

The Full Moon in Virgo Sign is situated in Leo Constellation. This is because the Constellations have moved about 30° out of alignment with the Signs since they were invented over 2000 years ago.

Fixed star astrology is based on planets aligned with stars on the same longitude, represented by the horizontal lines in the star map below. The closest major fixed star to Full Moon March 2020 is Denebola in the tails of the Lion. But some minor starts away from the ecliptic ar much closer by longitude. These include the stars in the southern constellations of Vela, the Sails of the Ship, and Antlia Pneumatica the Air Pump.

Fixed star Denebola at 21° 54' Virgo Sign is 2°16 away from the Full Moon. That is nearing the limit of its orb of influence.

93 Leonis is called Taizi, meaning Crown Prince (of imperial China).

Interestingly, Leo Constellation is associated with royal events, especially the ascension or death of kings and queens, and the election or death of heads of state. It is also linked to assassinations, uprisings and massacres, currency and the stock exchange, the Vatican, and the European Union. Ebertin said that major catastrophes are triggered off by Denebola in particular.

Robson said Denebola makes people daring, self - controlled, noble and generous. But it also gives swift judgement, despairs, public disgrace, misfortune from the elements of nature, and happiness turned to anger.

Morese says Denebola symbolises strength from the Lion, along with both the ability and the need to use it wisely and constructively. It gives a talent for looking forward while at the same time being able to draw upon past experience.

Full Moon conjunct Denebola: Honour and preferment among the vulgar but final disgrace and ruin, violent disease of a vital organ, blindness and injuries to the eyes, accidents, losses through servants and domestic quarrels, temporary seperation from your partner in marriage.

Constellation Antila Pneumatica the Air Pump is said to bestow harmony, spiritual force, and prosperity.

What will you be doing under this Full Moon in Virgo?