New Moon in Pisces - February 23rd 2020

So the New Moon has just happened at it was one hell of a magical lumination. It was special, but it was a slight foggy one, with Pisces as the host to both Neptune and Mercury Retreograde.

The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, now 18º Capricorn aligned with modern ruler Neptune (17º) but square to Venus (18º Aries).

Venus governs our finances, relationships, confidence, and pleasures, so these things feel challenging under a new moon.

Yet, despite all the tension in the stars, this quite a pleasant new moon to work with. Mars has left Sagittarius and now joins the South Node in Capricorn - the last time in a long line of planets to connect with this karmic point of shifts and farewells.

This indicates some final nudges, removals and eradications are underway - a fantastic detox is in motion!

Mars (4º56') aligns perfectly with this new moon (4º28'), as well as the Nodal axis (6º50'), and Uranus too (3º27').

The stars are syncing in easy formation, allowing us to start the journey to change!

Pisces heightens the feelings of spirituality and sympathy; it adds a willingness to sacrifice the 'self' in favour of something bigger. Pisces sentiments awaken us to a gentler way of looking at this world through a more idealistic lens.

This is a new moon that can add acceptance and hope; as we surrender, we renew our resolve with a realistic and genuine sense of faith thanks to Capricorn's influence.