New Moon in Taurus, April 22nd 2020 - Unexpected Changes & Tragedy

The New Moon in Taurus occurs on Wednesday, 22nd April 2020. This New Moon brings many unexpected changes as the influence of Uranus joins it. It is in a challenging square aspect to Saturn, so the changes could be challenging to deal with and may cause suffering. The New Moon happens to be in the zodiac sign Taurus, but within the sky, it is located in the Horns of the Ram in the Constellation of Aries. This has an impulsive influence, so it is imperative to be patient, sensible, and cautious. The best wat to avoid tragedy from this coronavirus pandemic is to protect yourself and your loved ones and avoid taking risks at all costs.

New Moon in Taurus, Astrology

The New Moon in Taurus is conjunct Uranus, which indicates unexpected change. Independently this change could be either good or bad. This New Moon is also square Saturn, and hard Saturn aspects happen to be the most challenging of influence in astrology. This New Moon is the latest in a series of difficult Moon phases. Reinforcing the challenging nature of this New Moon, it is joined by fixed stars that have a Mars-Saturn nature. This planetary combination indicates frustration, violence, crime, disgrace, and anger.

The New Moon Aspects

The New Moon conjunct Uranus brings unexpected change, rebellion, and excitement. If your strong urge to break free from this routine can not be met, nervous tensions are likely. Acting impulsively and taking risks would result in unexpected and unpleasant changes that cause disruptions that are rather upsetting within your life.

However, doing nothing with this spontaneous energy could also result in the same way. So be flexible and open-minded to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. The New Moon square Saturn suggests the changes caused by Uranus are not going to be positive ones. Saturn imposes delays and restrictions that make it harder to seek freedom and the excitement you desire. Saturn square Uranus brings sudden changes you don't want. It also makes it harder to make changes you do want. This can be a very frustrating time of rising tension, expected, and sudden changes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the New Moon is likely to bring loss of employment, illness, loss, and grief. This is not the time to resist change, nor is the time to overreact. A well-considered, patient, and step by step approach is best. Use your higher self-awareness from Uranus to change bad habits and improve your hygiene. Take responsibility for vulnerable family members, neighbors, and friends.

Horns Of The Ram

New Moon is in Taurus, but as mentioned, it is situated in the Aries constellation. This is because the constellations have moved around 30 degrees out of alignment with the signs since they were invented over 2000 years ago. The fixed star Sheratan causes bodily injuries, defeat, war, or earthquakes. It is associated with the throat, the connection between the throat, the head, and the tonsils.

The closest star to the New Moon is fixed star Mesarthim. With a Saturn - Mars nature 'it shows up more of the administrative and protective nature rather than the aggressive side' of which Sheratan has a Mars-Saturn Nature. This distinction is helpful at the personal and state level for this New Moon. However, both stars still have a violent nature, and 'danger is indicated when acting impulsively and in a foolhardy fashion.'

The New Moon Tragedy

New Moon in Taurus is conjunct asteroid 18 Melpomene, named after the Muse of tragedy in Greek mythology. A tragedy is a sad situation, especially those involving suffering and death.

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