New Moon Manifesting

Now, most of you may be familiar with the concept of manifesting or the Law of attraction. For those of you who don't know, the Law of attraction allows for infinite possibilities and abundance. It is the act that if you believe you can achieve or obtain something, you will attract this thing to become your reality. Manifesting can be seen as setting intentions or making wishes hoping for them to come true. Now the secret when making wishes or setting intentions is to ensure that they come from the heart, and you feel it as if it was already yours and in your possession. This is a concept that many people do not understand. I often have people send me messages via Instagram, stating that they have been practicing the art of manifestation, but it does not work for them. The truth of the matter is that they do not believe in themselves, so why should the Universe? We can all make vision boards and repeat mantras/ affirmations, but if we are not wishing from the heart and feel that we have already received what we are asking for, we are just wasting our time. You must understand this concept right off the bat; otherwise, it'll be hard to change that mindset in the future. When we start bad habits from the get-go, changing that is a whole different ball game.

Other keys to successfully manifesting are:

1. Fake it til you make it! In order words, you have to pretend that your dreams have already come true. Let that emotion and those feelings of having what you desire to come to the surface! 2. Focus on what you DO want rather than the things you don't want. This is the biggest key here! Just do it and thank me later. 3. Write/draw the things you want, let go of what you don't want. We, as humans, are oblivious to the fact that we are so powerful. As soon as we start to connect with the lunar cycles, our power is mind-blowingly obvious. Another important thing when making New Moon wishes is that you can't get what you want until you know what you want! That's just how life works; the Universe has no time for confusion. When we are very clear about what we want, it is far easier for us to make this a reality. You can also see the New Moon intentions and wishes are a way for us to get very clear on what it is we want.

New Moon wishing: The Golden Rules

Before I go into exactly how you make your New Moon wishes (click here to find out how), I want to share with you the Golden rules that I have learned and practiced over the years, I have also watched other people make results with this information to guide them, it is a proven method, if you don't follow these dos and don'ts correctly, your New Moon wishes will not work. The overall idea is to wish for good things for both yourself and other people.

The Do's

1. Wish For Anything You Want You can wish for anything you want, as long as you believe you can have it, your names written all over it. 2. Take Babysteps Your wishes can seem as wild as you want them to be - if you can believe in it, you can achieve it! In any case, I find it much easier to take baby steps towards them. For example, if you want to own or purchase a house. Merely saying, "I wish for a house" may seem far fetched to you, and that will be the vibration you send into the Universe that you don't believe it is possible. If you say instead, "I wish to find a job that will allow me to earn money to buy a house," that will be the baby step into manifesting this into your reality. 3. Wish for "the feeling" When we wish for something, we technically wish for the feeling that it gives us, if you wish for a car you wish for the feeling that you have when you get the keys, when you drive it. This feeling does not always last very long, so we search for something else that will give us this feeling again. Material items don't make us happy in the long run, do they? If you know, you wish for something that makes you feel more positive or confident then wish for the feeling rather than the object to have that feeling last far longer. 4. Believe You Are Worthy Of Your Wishes It is essential to ask yourself daily whether you are worthy of what you're wishing for. Say, for example, you are wishing for money, ask yourself whether you believe money is good or back. If you believe it is bad, then, of course, won't attract it to you. Unfortunately, we do not all have supportive parents; many of our parents have brainwashed us with their thoughts and opinions. Whether we know we share the opinion or not, years of conditioning can lead to you subconsciously believing them, thus preventing certain things from coming to you. 5. Meditate When you see my guide to New Moon Wishes (click here), you'll notice that meditation is a crucial final step in the process. Yasmin Boland explains the following in the best way "Think of yourself as a radio: when you make your wishes they are like radio waves that emanate from you; your wishes are your way of letting the Universe (which is benevolent and on your side!) know what you want. And when you meditate after making your wishes, the signal becomes even clearer, because meditation can decrease anxiety, make you happier and even restructure your brain in a really positive way." The more relaxed we are, the better able we are to manifest.

6. Release Attachment To Your Wishes The last thing to be aware of before making your New Moon wishes is while it is important to get clear on what you want, paradoxically, you should not get too attached to your dreams. Sometimes when you are desperate for something, it doesn't come to you, and you get something else instead, which ended up being better? There are times where the Universe has a better plan. Once you have made your wishes say this afterwards "for the good of all or not at all." This is telling the Universe what you want, but only if it's for the good of all.

The Don'ts

1. Don't Wish For A Specific Person I first want to clarify it is not okay to wish for someone else partner/spouse. Wishing for someone who's unavailable is a massive no, but can you wish for someone who is available? Yes. You can ask for them to notice you, but at the end of the day, you must remember that that person also has free will, and you can't force something to happen. The individual has to want to be there. 2. Don't Wish For Someone To Change Sadly New Moon wishes can't transform someone to be who you want them to be. As stated in the previous, don't everyone has free will, and a New Moons wish can't interfere with that. The individual has to want to change for themselves. It is a cliche that we often ignore. Rather than wishing for someone to change wish for the courage to leave them regardless of whether this is a friendship or a relationship. That is all my tips for New Moon Manifesting. Check out my next post here, where you will find my New Moon Manifesting Guide.