November 12th Full Moon - Dreams Come True

The full moon In Taurus on November 12th, 2019 is excellent for completing long term goals. This full moon will help turn your dreams into a reality as it activates the major planetary aspect of 2019, Saturn sextile Neptune.

The power of the November 2019 full moon to make your dreams come true is intensified by a positive aspect to Pluto. While Mars Sextile Jupiter gives the energy, good fortune, and initiative to ensure success.

November Full Moon

The full moon in Taurus is bringing the potential for communication problems especially with Mercury in retrograde motion, it would seem to make matters worse. But, in fact, there is a positive aspect of the full moon in many respects.

Any Mercury retrograde challenges can be resolved through harmonious blue aspects to Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. Mars sextile Jupiter is an extremely fortunate influence, even though it isn't directly aspecting the full moon. There are no major fixed stars conjunct the November 12th full moon but it does sit within a lucky Chinese lunar mansion.

Full Moon Challenges

The full moon opposite Mercury makes the understanding and communication of your feelings a major theme in this moon phase. There will be inner conflicts with your feelings and thoughts which may lead to anxiety, confusion or polarized thoughts.

Arguments and misunderstandings are possible but the harmonious aspects to Saturn and Neptune reduce these risks. Under this full moon, it will be a good idea for you to spend some time reflecting or speaking to a mentor about feelings that may be holding you back.

The Mercury retrograde is generally associated with communication, technology, travel delays, and lost items. You may potentially reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past.

However, this retrograde phase from October 31st to November 20th has a friendly, sociable influence. It should be relatively easy to resolve communication issues because of prevailing harmony and cooperation.

Full Moon Solutions

Full moon trine Saturn gives the emotional strength and patience to handle problems caused by the full moon opposite Mercury Retrograde. Reliable instincts and common sense help you make important decisions about your family, relationships and home. Dreams and memories will also guide your feelings.

Trust and loyalty make this a good moon to receive emotional support and advice. This is a good time to visit parents or grandparents or seek counsel from someone with wisdom and life experience behind them. Traditional values will bring solutions to new problems.

Full moon sextile Neptune will heighten your sensitivity, putting you in touch with your feelings of other people, yourself and your environment. Strong awareness and psychic awareness will help avoid potential complications caused by the Mercury Retrograde opposite the full moon.

The level of spiritual protection makes the full moon a good time for lucid dreams, meditation, and other spiritual activities. Neptune also stimulates imagination, sense of compassion and creativity.

Saturn sextile Neptune brings spiritual pursuits and material gain. If you work hard with a sensible and realistic approach you can make your dreams come true. You will begin to understand your limitations but you will remain optimistic at the same time.

Spiritual wisdom brings self - discipline, and patience to sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term success. Service to others and devotion will increase your spiritual awareness and understanding.

Full moon trine Pluto intensifies emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. You will feel things far more deeply. Intense emotional reactions could lead to a positive psychological transformation, this is a great full moon to stop bad habits.

A powerful, mysterious and influential person could also move you deeply and have a profound influence on your life. Such a destiny encounter could lead to a new intense relationship that in turn would bring a positive transformation. Existing relationships should also evolve to a deeper level of understanding.

Mars sextile Jupiter brings courage, strength and good fortune. There will be strong competitive streaks and heightened attractiveness which makes this full moon good for sexual relations, business, and sports.

Full Moon Stars

As stated previously there are not major fixed stars around the full moon but there is a very positive influence from the lucky Chinese lunar mansion.

The 17th Chinese Lunar Mansion governs the accumulation of wealth. This is good for making investments, banking and tending to savings. Everything involving earth is favored such as funerals and digging. Children of a marriage contracted on this day will be protected by influential figures too.

I hope you enjoyed! What will you be doing on November 12th?