November 26th New Moon: Are You A Winner Or A Loser?

The new moon in 2019 is linked to Mars opposite Uranus, one of the most disruptive influences in astrology. 

This moon also aligns with a star that offers success, power, and money. But it is only for those who react with forethought and strategy to the rapidly changing conditions ahead. There will be winners and losers in this high stakes moon phase; this is the last new moon before the December 26 solar eclipse. 

The November new moon in Sagittarius is most affected by mars opposite Uranus. This will be creating indecision and anxiety about how to react to the changes under this Mars Anger and Uranus change. Stars in Scorpio Constellation that bring opportunities for wealth and success are also influencing this new moon. They also indicate issues along the way and difficulties staying at the top. 

Mars opposite Uranus brings irritation, rapid, unexpected changes, and hostility. Anger and resentment can quickly boil over into rash actions. Impulsiveness and disregard of tradition could lead to breaking free from responsibilities and obligations. 

This explosive energy can cause personal attacks, violence, and disruption. Think twice before lashing out and reacting on frustration. If you must defend yourself seek guidance before, you must be careful if you want to attack. 

Mars is in the same place as the new moon, also opposite Uranus, which has unpredictable and erratic influence. It makes people impulsive and restless; now, Mars is re-energising this extremely sensitive degree. This moon extends that explosive influence for another 28 days. 

Sun quincunx Uranus can make you feel anxious, nervous, and tense; the buildup of energy can feel exciting but scary at the same time. This link to Mars opposite Uranus makes it difficult to relax, especially if your freedom has been restricted or your self-expression has been blocked. 

The pressure to change may come from someone with power over you; you may have to change your routine, behaviour, or plans. It is essential to adapt to your changing conditions. An adjustment is needed whether you are forced to make changes or you find a different way forward yourself. 

If you resist change or become arrogant, you will suffer losses or miss out on important opportunities. Being stubborn or overreacting can damage your projects. You don't need to change direction entirely but make minor changes instead; don't be too daring. If you do, you may have to start all over again. 

New Moon Stars.

The November 26 new moon falls in the sign of sagittarius; this is our tropical zodiac. The precession of the Equinoxes has moved the Sun signs nearly a whole sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named, over 2000 years ago.