November New Moon: Winners and Losers

A new moon ritual is one of my favourite ways to set new intentions for the month and manifest magic with the universe.

Personal Connection With The Moon

The moon has been known to affect not only our planet but also us, especially women. We are made up of predominantly water, so it's no surprise that we are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon. Before technology, the new moon was the time when women have their monthly bleed. They would focus their energy inwards as it was a time of reflection and rest. It was also the time when women were considered most in touch with the spirit realm and their intuition.

Today our fast-paced world caters to the energy of men; women are expected to keep the same tempo all month long. Our bodies simply don't; they follow a cycle just as the moon does.

What Do You Do In A New Moon Ritual?

Under a new moon, it is a natural time to rest, reflect, and plan; it is not a time of action. I love practicing self-care under the new moon. Rest, reflection, planning, following your intuition, inspired action, releasing, and returning to a state of rest once again.

The moon is our constant reminder to stay in touch with ourselves. Remember to step out of this busy world to reflect and listen to your body.

"Constant action is not productive or healthy."

As women, one of our unique powers lies within connecting with our intuition, putting feeling and emotion into our intentions, and then taking inspired action towards it.

In my opinion, women are very powerful, and the moon is your reminder of that. You are connected to the moon, and I invite you to flow with her feminine energy to keep your soul and body balanced.

This is the new moon ritual I continuously do and go back to.

Prepare A Sacred Space

When I begin my new moon ritual, I start by creating a scared space, and this is usually my alter. I ensure it is clean and inviting by dusting it and clearing all the lingering energy with white sage.

I then gather all the things I will be using for the ritual, which is my journal, sage, and crystals.

Take A Ritual Bath

Water symbolically washes away the old. I love to run baths when I can and add Himalayan salt or Epson salt. I put two cups in my bathwater. Epson salt pulls out the impurities from your body and helps clear your energetic field.

If I don't have time or don't have access to a bath, I take a long warm shower and fill up a big bottle with two cups of salt with warm water and slowly pour this on my body throughout the shower.

Whichever "bath" I choose to take, I dim the lights and place relaxing candles around me, and I stay there for roughly twenty minutes. I love to play relaxing music or frequencies at the same time so that I can escape the world.

Envision the water, taking away anything negative you have been holding onto. Submerge yourself. Clean your slate energetically and mentally for the new month.

Ground Yourself

Next, I go to my sacred space and ground myself. An easy way to ground yourself is by having all four of natures elements present in your space.

Crystals represent earth; candles represent fire, incense represents wind, and salt with water represents the ocean. Having these elements around me is instantly calming and brings about a very spiritual feel.

You can place crystals out that you are drawn to. Moonstone is excellent for new beginnings as well as amazonite and labradorite. Light a candle and incense too if you like. I love using selenite for all my moon rituals.

Close your eyes and start with taking some deep, recentering breaths. Let your breath flow down to your womb area. Feel the ground beneath your feet and know you're connected to mother earth.

Energetically Clear Yourself And Your Space

I love white sage or palo santo sticks to clear the energy surrounding myself and my items. Palo santo smells more earthy. I will wave the stick around myself in circular motions and then around my space and any items I want to energetically clear, like my oracle cards.


Once you feel grounded and connected, this is a great time to continue the cleanse and create a fresh slate by journaling. Release what's been on your mind. Don't worry about your writing; just write and let it flow out of you. You're clearing your heart and mind so that you have a fresh start for the next four weeks.

How have you been feeling? What's been on your mind? Write about what you would love to experience next. Write your intentions, desires, or visions you have for your life.

Write Down Your Intentions

Once you've cleared your mind and thoughts about what you want to manifest or create, write down your intentions. You can do this for the next four weeks of the lunar cycle or longer.

Be specific, writing down your intentions of what you want to manifest. The clearer you are, the easier it is for the Universe/subconscious mind to begin creating it. The easier it is for you to figure out how to feel around this intention, the better you'll be able to attract this energetically.

Receive Divine Guidance

This is, by far, one of my favourite parts of any moon ritual. After I set my intentions, I pull oracle cards for spiritual guidance. My favorite deck is the Goddess Guidance deck. It is always very accurate, and it can also represent many different things.

Whether you believe in a higher power, spirit guides, angels, or your subconscious mind, oracle cards are a beautiful way to receive divine guidance. Go to someone for reading if you can. You can ask for specific guidance and keep asking until you are ready to stop.


I then lay down in bed and close my eyes to meditate. You can choose to listen to music instead if you like. Meditation helps me to concentrate, I visualise my mind's eye and set my intentions and view it as if it has already manifested.

Let yourself go and follow your imagination to see the picture crystal clear. It should be so clear that you begin feeling the emotions of your intentions already completed.


Fold the paper you wrote your intentions on and place it somewhere safe. Take it out and read it over every night, visualising your intentions and feeling them complete.

The main point of a new moon ritual is rest, reflect, and plan. It is also a time to get in touch with yourself. Know that our universe is made up of energy and that you have the power to create beautiful things. You are more magical than you have been led to believe.

Let me know what you will be doing during this new moon!


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