Sex And It's Connection With Your Aura

Sexuality is often associated with spirituality in many different ways. Although the talk of sex arouses a strong reaction, and it usually viewed as an obstacle on the path of spiritual development due to the nature of sexual energy.

Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe; it opens our heart to love and enables us to experience deep meditative states. Many traditions consider the peak moment of sexual energy the death of the ego.

When someone experiences intimacy and reaches an orgasm, we feel vulnerable, defenseless, and carefree, and there is a sense of timelessness. These are the characteristics that are the real nature of our spirit.

Living your life with this level of intimacy would allow the creative energy of the universe to merge with your spirit. Wouldn't that make it more important to be aware of who you are sharing this intimacy with? Yes, it does, and let me explain why.

There Is Nothing Casual About Sex

We have evolved both in terms of our thinking and approach towards life. The freedom of who to choose as a sexual partner without hesitation has increased.

Each time we have sex, we create an energy cord with our partner. Their thoughts, feelings, desires are left as impressions in our aura, which, unless it is cleansed, stays with us.

If the same is done under the influence of alcohol, we lower our natural protective field, which further exposes us to negative discordant energies. If we have sex with a positive person, we are bound to receive his/her positive energy; this is the same with a negative person.

The Power Behind The Act

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forms of energy available to living beings, but it is only man who has the intelligence to understand what it means. If we learn the true art of sexual healing, we can deduce a way to convert sexual energy into healing and creative energy.

Someone who understands the essence of this unity, of this longing for love and oneness, can also comprehend the meaning of another unity - a yogi unites; a saint unites; a meditator unites. This person is also united in intercourse; his identity merges with the other person, and they become one.

In spite of all of these positive connections, we approach sex with guilt, shame, and indifference, which prevents us from experiencing its true power.

Cleansing Your Aura

Our energy system requires constant cleansing for it to be balanced and to keep us functioning correctly. We must cleanse our aura of all the negativity and debris from time to time. Here are some of the simple methods to remove unwanted energies left in your aura body through physical intimacy:

  • The Sun happens to be man's main food, but we are unable to consume it directly; we absorb it by eating fruits and vegetables, etc. Therefore it is best to step out into the sunlight for at least a minimum of 15 minutes per day. Try and hold the conscious thought," I am cleansing my aura of my sexual past" this can be very helpful during the cleansing process.

  • Water is a natural cleanser, which can cleanse the body both physically, emotionally, and energetically. Therefore, a bath with sea salt, Himalayan, or Epsom salt can remove the negativity that is stuck within the body.

  • Forgiveness is more powerful than you realise, you can use this tool to release trapped energy in your body. In the case of toxic or hurtful relationships, forgiving the other person as well as yourself for the act of sex can lead to acceptance, which discharges the energy.

  • Nature is another way to connect to Mother Earth and replenish your energy. Walking barefoot is a great way to feel energised due to the earth's surface containing natural, limitless healing energy.

  • Meditation, when practiced in any form, is emancipating and enlightening. It strengthens the aura body and gives the practitioner a sense of knowledge about their energy field. Practicing White Light meditation will discharge debris from your aura field. (You do this by imagining a white light going in and a black light coming out of the body).

  • Aura cleansing techniques with experts who have the knowledge of various methodologies for aura cleansing and combining is a great way to remove energy blocks, negativity, and debris.

The techniques above are only some of the measures you can take to reduce the impact of casual sex. If we want to get physically involved with someone, it is better to weight the situation first.

Sex is neither good nor bad, it is ecstatic, and to truly experience the possibility of connecting higher states of awareness with peak sexual experiences, we have first to understand its significance.


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