Soul Ties - How To Break Them

A soul tie is a new phrase used to describe a deep or spiritual connection between two people.

In a lot of cases, it is usually used when two people have become physically intimate, but it can also happen after an intense emotional or spiritual connection is formed. 

Some examples of soul ties refer to those formed with partners from previous relationships. That is because the person has a strong influence on your life for a long period of time, and that created a deep emotional bond. 

Even though the relationship has ended, that doesn't necessarily mean the bond has. 

Soul Tie - Symptoms 

Soul tie symptoms are similar to those who have experienced a particular and intense relationship. Even though these effects can stay months even years after the relationship has ended. 

Such as:

  • Having obsessive thoughts about someone (especially during the day)

  • Dreaming or waking up and often thinking about someone

  • Hearing or imagining someone's voice in your head

The symptoms of a soul tie may reach such a level where it affects your future relationships. It can even go to the extent that this person comes to your mind at awkward moments when you're with your current partner, such as intimate times. 

If this happens, breaking the soul tie is crucial before you can move on with your life.

How Do You Break A Soul Tie?

1) Acknowledgment

Similar to anything that is classed as addictive, you firstly need to address it and admit that you know it is there. 

Acknowledgment is the first step to healing. 

2) Set The Intention To Do Something

After acknowledging the soul tie, you need to start taking action. This action can take many forms. A lot of people like to find someone to discuss their problems with, such as a therapist or a psychologist, or it could be meeting up with someone that you trust to discuss the situation. 

For troublesome soul ties, meaning those that have already proven to be hard to solve - or which you may have formed with a person who later turned out to be underserving - further action may be needed.  

Soul ties may sound like a modern invention, but they have been around since people were people. Many alternative methods have been developed when it comes to serving them. 

One of the oldest ways comes from the ancient South American healing brew Ayahuasca. It is often known in the States as something people will use when partying, but in its original context, it is a spiritual and emotional healing tea.

The traditional healers of Brazil and Peru recognize many aspects of the condition we are now calling 'soul tie.' It was one of the many things Ayahuasca ceremony was recommended treatment for. This brew is said to help one reassess the connections they formed while living their life. 

The brew's psychoactive properties mean that you should be cautious before trying it. Places like the Spirit Vine Centre in Brazil's Amazon rainforest are retreats dedicate to this kind of spiritual healing, which was developed around promoting the benefits of Ayahuasca. 

3) Forgiveness

This is one of the most challenging steps for many to take. In some cases, this might be because you feel that the person who you have this bond with should be asking for your forgiveness. There may be nothing that you need to forgive. 

Whatever the case is, forgiveness involved identifying any outstanding mental 'debts,' which may be holding you back from releasing the soul tie. You may need to forgive yourself for past decisions - something which is also very difficult to do. 

4) Break The Soul Tie

The final step is to remove any physcial objects that tie you to this person. This includes photos or gifts they have bought you, it may seem harmless, but these are symbols of the tie that need to be removed from your life. Even trying to visualise this person and the tie and then breaking the tie by cutting a chord or something similar is a powerful intention of finally releasing any bond. 

Once all of the physical markers, spiritual bonds, and mental debts have been dissolved, you should be well on the way to overcoming the symptoms of a soul tie. 


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