Spiritual Relationships: The Formula

When you enhance your spiritual connection between you and your partner you form a relationship based on healthy communication and inner security. You prevent and solve difficult problems as they arise by working to become conscious of your partner's needs.

You may find that you and your partner have little arguments where you end up being selfish to one another's needs. Simple relationship disputes happen. When you enhance your spiritual connection together you build a relationship based on inner security and healthy communication.

The Formula For A Spiritual Relationship:

Connections through conversations with another person is a basic human need, the desire to create a romantic connection may be the strongest one of all. Our relationships shouldn't result in pain and grief. By evolving to your highest conscious form, you discover your ability to have greater, happier and fulfilling relationships.

Develop Your Spiritual Awareness

By sharing your spiritual awareness with your partner it will lead to a higher divine plan for your life. Trusting your intuition, praying together and following the synchronicity of life will ultimately allow you to find the healthiest form of your relationship. When you have a spiritual foundation, at the center of your relationship you will unveil the richest form of joy and energy.

Celebrate Your Differences

Every person comes from a diverse background and has a lifetime of experiences behind them. You may have differences in your individual needs and outlooks on life. Holding a spiritual consciousness provides you with inner security to explore your differences openly. You should view the differences with your partner as a personal growth opportunity.

Be Aware Of How You Communicate With Your Loved One

Becoming aware of how you express yourself especially when you're stressed is a fundamental aspect of your spiritual relationship.

  • What are you trying to convey to your partner?

  • What are you not saying to your partner?

  • How is your tone being taken?

Communication is the most important and valuable factor in a relationship. Feelings and emotions can be extremely difficult to share with anyone, especially the one you are involved with romantically. Practicing non - defensive, thoughtful and vocal etiquette can provide you with results that benefit both parties and allow you to develop your communication skills. Leading to each person feeling more comfortable vocalising their needs and exposing their souls to each other.

Understand Each Others' Love Language

Discussing your spirituality will make it far easier to discover one another's emotional needs; it will create an ongoing dialog about whether or not these needs are being filled. People show and desire love differently.

  • Verbal reassurance or compliments

  • Acts of kindness and gifts

  • Spending time together and planned events

  • Showing love through affection and touch

Take the time to examine your childhood and past romantic relationships to figure out which you desire most. From a spiritual perspective, this allows both of you to gain awareness of each other as well as ensuring you positively meet each other's needs.

Willingness To Accept Responsibility

Even with a firm, spiritual foundation in place disagreements will occur. Be willing to accept responsibility when you inadvertently overlook your partner's feelings or needs. Having a spiritual-based relationship means not always having to win. Forgiveness is imperative, but be patient if the other person doesn't instantly connect again. Let the other person take the time they need.

Don't Wait Too Long To Make Up

Having a spiritual-based relationship means the relationship bond exists at the soul level. Therefore, resolve to give each other another chance. Being resentful or holding grudges due to unsettled arguments, can push your relationship into a damaging direction. Agree on not going to bed when you're mad at each other or holding onto negative feelings. Remember, tomorrow is not promised.

I hope this helped!


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