Sunday, October 13th, 2019 - The Full Moon Crisis...

The full moon on Sunday, October 13th, 2019 is bringing challenging and intense emotions from a testing square aspect to Pluto. But there is a lucky aspect to Jupiter being in the scene making this full moon more positive overall.

This October full moon could potentially trigger a relationship or personal crisis but with opportunities to grow, transform and find happiness. There are good signs for those couples who are going through a rough time right now too. The full moon in constellation Andromeda promotes reconciliation and love, while the previous new moon continues to show good fortune and love.

The Full Moon Meaning

The Sun opposite the Moon brings your family, home and intimate relationships into sharper focus for the following two weeks of this particular moon phase. Opposing forces such as home versus work or what you need to do over what you want to do create external pressures and inner tension. This leads to crisis and conflict that drains your energy.

The lunar qualities of instincts and emotions reach their peak at any full moon. Use your increased intuition and emotional strength to overcome relationship challenges. Your subconscious awareness allows you to look at your relationships in a balanced and impartial way. You will have the ability to see any negative feelings or relationship dynamics that are causing disharmony.

The Full Moon "Crisis"

The Full Moon square Pluto can lead to destructive and compulsive behaviour as feelings locked away are exposed. This can be anything from addiction, fears, phobias, bigotry or racism. The types of intense emotions can become very difficult to control and leads to a personal crisis.

Emotional power struggles become quite ruthless too and can cause relationship problems. Anything from abuse, manipulations, bullying, guilt-tripping and jealousy can cause these issues. Family secrets could also be revealed that you need to confront or your secrets could be exposed to the public. It does not have to be this dramatic but the energy around this time can open doors for these types of situations to occur.

The Full Moon "Opportunity"

Under this full moon trine, Jupiter's open-mindedness and optimism make it far easier to gain conscious awareness of your amplified emotions and how to share them with your loved ones. Any relationship issues that were caused under the pluto can be turned into a transformation and an opportunity for growth. Bad behaviors and habits can be eradicated from your subconscious through the positive transformation of your thoughts and emotions.

Any intimate relationships you have will benefit from your optimism and honesty, mutual respect and understanding can also lead to very successful business and personal relationships. New and influential friendships are possible, lucky breaks can lead to new opportunities to increase your level of happiness and material wealth.

The Jupiter semisextile Pluto urges you to make positive changes to transform and grow. Increased influence and power facilitate personal and spiritual growth, creation, achievement and wealth.

There will be subtle powerful forces making moves behind the scenes to take you to the next level. Success right now will be made by taking advantage of the opportunities that have opened for you. A person of influence or power could have a major influence in the direction of your life right now!

Although the semisextile is classed as a minor aspect under this full moon, it is an important influence due to the links between two directly aspected planets. Getting closer to October 17th it gives you additional strength.

October 13th, 2019 Full Moon Summary

This full moon certainly has its challenges due to the moon square Pluto but it is counteracted by the trine to Jupiter making it overall generous. There are many fortunate aspects to this full moon that can bring prosperous energy and opportunities to grow both personally and spiritually.

While relationships initially may be in crisis, there will be endless opportunities to evolve and eradicate lingering issues for good. The Jupiter semisextile whilst, it has the subtle influence it will urge you to keep pushing and become relentless.

Keep your thoughts elevated, remain calm and balanced and be open to the opportunities to develop and the lessons this full moon will bring!