The First Full Moon of 2020 - The January 10th Full Moon In Cancer

The first full moon of this new decade is here, and it is certainly living up to every monumental expectation you may have put upon it - as it also happens to be a lunar eclipse, here to rock the world just as eclipses do. But this lunar eclipse will affect us for far longer than just this weekend, the changes taking place will influence our lives for the first six months of 2020. We will see themes and issues; it's bringing up linger through the next set of eclipses that will begin in June. This series of eclipses and their ongoing influences is known as the eclipse phase.

The January 10 lunar eclipse combines with the December 26th solar eclipse to form an eclipse phase that lasts until the lunar eclipse on June 5, 2020. The December 2019 solar eclipse was very fortunate. Combined with this ruthless lunar eclipse, it suggests the strong will consolidate their power, the poor will get poorer, and the rich will get richer. This eclipse is dealing with issues of authority (Capricorn) and safety (Cancer); some emotional aspects gave off an authoritarian air. This means that in the areas where we do feel powerful and strong, we must use that power for good, reach out to help others who need a hand during this hard astrological time.

What is an eclipse is astrology? During the eclipse seasons, the nodes of fate are also known as the North and South Nodes, which represent lessons of the past and the fate of our future, are activated by the moon. The eclipse on December 26, 2019, new moon was in Capricorn, while the upcoming full moon eclipse will be in Cancer. The January 10 eclipse is a part of an even longer, nearly two-year eclipse cycle that began back in the summer of 2018. With this cycle finally concluding, we'll see the themes, issues, and life changes that come up for now linger through the lunar eclipse on June 5, which begins a new eclipse series on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis - we will want to be prepared.

How does this affect us on a personal level then? Due to the nature of this Cancer and Capricon axis, the energy we are dealing with during these eclipses have to do with safety and security - this applies to our emotional states of being just as much as it does our financial and literal ones. Eclipses always bring an air of unpredictability. Unlike a typical full moon, which is useful for bringing projects to a head or conclusion, a full moon eclipse is more likely to bring realistions, often of the unexpected sort. You need to ask yourself what was coming up for you during the last eclipse during the December 2019 new moon. You are likely to see a continued thread of energy under this upcoming luminary, but with a shift toward the emotional and spiritual rather the physical or financial.

With this full moon in Cancer, we will be dealing with matters of our emotional safety, comfort zones, what makes us feel nurtured - given the eclipse energy, these parts of our lives may feel a bit unstable, which can be unsettling. This eclipse will make us access our shadow self. We can avoid personal drama if we embrace our emotions and sentiments. Being kind to ourselves and others is essential. Allowing space for our feelings and sentimental values under the Cancer moon is a must during this eclipse.

As nerve-wracking as it may be, we can expect the events, realisations and emotional breakthroughs that take place under this full moon to ultimately help align us on the right path - or perhaps put us on new paths entirely. That being said, you'll want to keep track of what changes are afoot and how you're feeling, it may be a good idea to keep a journal by your side, especially with Mercury tightly conjunct the sun. New plans and opportunities may come up, leading us into long-term projects.

You may feel out of control due to the effects of the eclipse, but you should trust it's for the best - know that it's not over, either, because we'll be dealing with these themes for the first half of the year. The energy that surfaces