The Moons Phases: New & Full Moons, Quarter Moons, Eclipses Decoded

The Moon pulls the tides; inevitably, it must affect us as humans seeing as our bodies are made mostly of H2O. Right? Just as the phases of the Moon affects the seas, they also set the wave patterns on our emotions oceans. I break down each monthlong moon cycle, so you use it to assist your manifestations - New Moons, Full moons, Quarter Moons, and more.

New Moon: Get Started!

The New Moon occurs when la luna is perfectly positioned between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon becomes invisible from our view down her because the "backside" is lit. Moon

In Astrology, the New Moon occurs in the same sign as the Sun. For example, when the Sun is in Libra ( September 23rd-October22nd), the New Moon that also takes place during those 30 days will be in Libra.

New Moons are seen as starting points, moments to plant seeds that we will harvest in six months, under the light of the Full Moon in the same sign. So if the New Moon in Gemini always takes place in late May/early June. The Full Moon in Gemini then comes half a year later in late November/early December.

Everything becomes dark; it's as if we have a blank canvas where we can create whatever we want. In the "nothingness," there is a sense of limitless possibilities. That's the gift of the New Moon; it is an excellent time for setting your intentions, taking the bold first step towards your goal, and making wishes!

You may start to see the first signs of those intentions and wishes as soon as a fortnight later when the next Full Moon on the calendar lights the night skies.

First Quarter Moon (Waxing): Picking Up The Pace

The First Quarter Moon comes one week after each New Moon. Essentially it marks the halfway point between the New Moon and the forthcoming Full Moon. Since the Moon is waxing (growing fuller), it brings a reminder to pick up the pace and to ensure your words match your actions. What's the point in making those New Moons wishes if we don't do something about them?

Quarter Moons are balancers, so when measured, thoughtful action is vital. The is a stellar time to construct a plan of action and take the first steps.

Full Moon: Ready, Set, Manifest!