The Moons Phases: New & Full Moons, Quarter Moons, Eclipses Decoded

The Moon pulls the tides; inevitably, it must affect us as humans seeing as our bodies are made mostly of H2O. Right? Just as the phases of the Moon affects the seas, they also set the wave patterns on our emotions oceans. I break down each monthlong moon cycle, so you use it to assist your manifestations - New Moons, Full moons, Quarter Moons, and more.

New Moon: Get Started!

The New Moon occurs when la luna is perfectly positioned between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon becomes invisible from our view down her because the "backside" is lit. Moon

In Astrology, the New Moon occurs in the same sign as the Sun. For example, when the Sun is in Libra ( September 23rd-October22nd), the New Moon that also takes place during those 30 days will be in Libra.

New Moons are seen as starting points, moments to plant seeds that we will harvest in six months, under the light of the Full Moon in the same sign. So if the New Moon in Gemini always takes place in late May/early June. The Full Moon in Gemini then comes half a year later in late November/early December.

Everything becomes dark; it's as if we have a blank canvas where we can create whatever we want. In the "nothingness," there is a sense of limitless possibilities. That's the gift of the New Moon; it is an excellent time for setting your intentions, taking the bold first step towards your goal, and making wishes!

You may start to see the first signs of those intentions and wishes as soon as a fortnight later when the next Full Moon on the calendar lights the night skies.

First Quarter Moon (Waxing): Picking Up The Pace

The First Quarter Moon comes one week after each New Moon. Essentially it marks the halfway point between the New Moon and the forthcoming Full Moon. Since the Moon is waxing (growing fuller), it brings a reminder to pick up the pace and to ensure your words match your actions. What's the point in making those New Moons wishes if we don't do something about them?

Quarter Moons are balancers, so when measured, thoughtful action is vital. The is a stellar time to construct a plan of action and take the first steps.

Full Moon: Ready, Set, Manifest!

It's time to harvest. The Full Moon is the point of culmination of your effort in the last six months. During the Full Moon, the Moon is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. So the Virgo Full Moon always happens between February 19th and March 19th, while the Sun is in its opposite sign of Pisces. During a Full Moon, contradictions tend to stand out in stark reality.

We will reap what we sow since the corresponding New Moon. Cosmic manifestations will open your eyes, for better or for worse. Maybe that is why people become so emotional during Full Moons. If they aren't celebrating, they're ruminating, and I think it's essential to celebrate either way. There are mistakes you have to make to get ahead. So if you aren't counting your golden coins during a Full Moon, take stock of what is going on. This quality information will help you make the necessary corrections in life.

The fortnight following a Full Moon (the lead up to the next New Moon) is the manifestation period. If you love what la luna brought you, enjoy! If not, dive in and make the changes needed to get your life back on track.

Third Quarter Moon (Waning): Results Or Bust

The Third Quarter Moon comes approximately a week after the Full Moon, as we are reaping and harvesting, but also winding down to the next New Moon. Not everything is a keeper, so a lot of things may seem like they aren't working but its the universes way of taking the "dead weight" out of the way.

You have to be discerning during the Third Quarter Moon. Fantasy or reality? You need to strike a happy medium between pragmatism and creativity. You can enjoy another week reveling in the Full Moon's Bounty.

Balsamic Moon: Sleep and Sweep

Are you feeling fed up, worn out, and pushed to the edge? Check the calendar because there may be a Balsamic Moon at the wheel. Three or four days prior to the New Moon, la luna goes "Balsamic," which is the very last little silver of the waning Moon before it "disappears" altogether. The lunar phase can bring an acidic sting similar to the name it shares.

As we prepare for fresh starts that the New Moon brings (which happens after the Balsamic), we need to do a monthly inventory. How are you going to know where to limits lie? Relax and complete a monthlong lunar cycle; the Balsamic Moon reminds us to clean house. Let go of draining obligations, toxic ties, and anything else that is more complicated than it's worth. Or take a nap, you're probably in need of one. The New Moon will hit the reset button, and productivity will soon return.

Eclipses: Hi Shadow Dancer

Eclipses are extra special in the moon cycle that occurs roughly four times every year when the Moon moves into the Earth's shadow. Or the Moon's shadow crosses the Earth. The orbit the Moon makes around the Sun is tilted at five degrees to the Earths orbit; it misses the shadow usually. The eclipses only happen during specific new Moons (Solar Eclipses) and Full Moons (Lunar Eclipses). It is interesting to note that eclipses also occur in the same signs that the Moon's North and South Nodes - the cosmic destiny points. It is either currently or recently/ soon to be transiting.

Solar Eclipses

During a Solar Eclipses, the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun, also known as a conjunction so they are in the same zodiac sign. During this time the Moon can "block out" the Sun, temporarily turning off the lights, f you will. In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon's shadow crosses the Earth, it looks like a little black dot or spot when it's visible.

We have limited focus as human beings; it's natural to concentrate on what's in front of us. At times, it can limit our perspectives on the world, it can also cause us to miss out on opportunities. Solar Eclipses might take the familiarality temporarily, focusing us on considering the options we would not usually. Eclipses are cruel to be kind. Significant growth can happen during this time. This is when we should leap into the new and improved, even if we feel forced there by circumstances.

Lunar Eclipses

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. For a short period, we can see the Earth's shadow turning the luminous Full Moon shades of intense reds, grays, and browns.

According to astrology, Lunar Eclipses shows us a glimpse of our shadow self. We all want to think we are perfect people, but come on we are also human, or so I like to think. What we discover about ourselves during this time can be a tough pill to swallow; it could also be shocking.

This allows us to embrace our wholeness and see where we have room to grow in a new direction. If we own the fact that we have emotions like jealousy, rage, anger, and fear, we can learn to handle them. Lunar eclipses leads to magical moments of discovery.

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