Transform your relationship with money

Money is one of the most emotions subjects in the universe. Most people feel more comfortable discussing their sex lives with friends as opposed to details about their finances. Yet the purpose of money is to smooth the process of exchanging goods and services. So why do people have such an emotional relationship with money? What gives money its emotional power? The answer is we do; we provide those pieces of paper or metal meaning.

We can do this literally by saying things like "this paycheck is the same as my phone bill" or "this £5 is my lunch" if we then lose £5 in our minds, we have just lost our lunch. Most of the time the meaning is more metaphoric such as "Money is the root of all evil," but whatever meaning we are attaching to money is either going to attract or push it away.

If you're trying to live a wealthy life when you have a poor relationship with money, it is like driving with one foot on the brakes with the other on the accelerator at the same time. No matter how hard you push, you don't seem to get anywhere. For us to be able to let go of things we have been attributing to money that makes it challenging to have, we need to look closer at where all these beliefs come from.

The value of money, whether it is in pounds, euro, dollar, or yen, is now based on the value we and others place onto it.

What is money then? Essentially it's whatever we want it to be.

The meaning of money

In your head, complete the following sentences about wealth, riches, and money to uncover the crucial elements of your current subconscious programming and the relationship you have with money.

People with money are...

I'd have more money if...

My parents always thought money would...

Money causes...

I think money...

If I were rich, I would...

Keep a mental note of any of your money beliefs that may be holding you back even if you think they are true to you.

Continue to repeat these exercises daily for at least seven days. You may uncover some more in-depth programming in your subconscious that takes time to come up to the surface.

What did you discover? Are your beliefs about money associated with someone is rich or in poverty?

By increasing our awareness about the beliefs about money, we can begin to understand many of our behaviours and emotions when dealing with it; we can then change them, thus meaning we can transform the emotional impact of money in our lives.

There is not enough money to go around

Money is an infinite game; the more people who are playing the game, the more of it there is to go around. That is if you are spending some of your money and not stuffing it into your mattress! The more money you're making, the more that will be circulating in the system. The wealthier you become, the wealthier others do too. On a more spiritual level, there is an infinite supply of abundance in the universe for everyone. The wants, needs, and goals of every single person on this planet and any other planets in the universe can be provided for. There are NO LIMITATIONS. If you choose to believe there are then you're the one creating limitations right there.

Money corrupts people

There is a mistrust of wealth in our society; most of it is based on the underlying assumption that money does corrupt people. But the reality of it all is that money doesn't corrupt - it reveals. There are so many people doing amazing and wonderful things with their money, why aren't you?

The Shovel Exercise

List the most "negative" or "bad" beliefs you have about money that you found out from the previous exercise.

Change the word "shovel" to money in each of the sentences in your list and see whether the statements make sense. Does it have any emotional significance?

"Shovels don't grow on trees."

"The love of shovels is the root of all evil."

The idea here is to take the emotional "sting" from these ideas. It does not matter whether you believe the statements or not.

I hope this helps you understand what money means and how we let it negatively impact us with the thoughts we attach to it.

Comment below what you think and what do you want me to write about next?


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