Mercury Retrograde Pre Shadow October 11th - October 30th...

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

It's back! The cycle that affects everything from your finances, communication, technology, and travel plans with the first shadow on October 11th.

The Sun Sign-On Mercury Retrograde October - November 2019

I have listed below all the things that the Mercury Retrograde is likely to affect for all the 12 Astrological Houses.

Aries: Banking, Joint Finances, Finances, Houses & Apartments, Valuables.

Taurus: Former Parterns, Partners, Potential Partners, Rivals or Opponents.

Gemini: Workload, Lifestyle, House Work, Doctors & Healers, Daily Routine, Health & Fitness.

Cancer: Children, Parenthood-potential relationships, Young people and Teenagers.

Leo: Houses & Apartments, Home town & Homeland, Family Circle.

Virgo: Communication, Education, Social Media, Internet, Travel, Commuting.

Libra: Finances, Banking, Charity, Business, Accounting, Property, Valuables.

Scorpio: Profile, Imagine, Name, Label, Social Media Pressence, Appearence, Title, Reputation.

Sagittarius: Astrology to Science, Psychology, Inner Demons, Religion, Beliefs.

Capricorn: Social Media, Social Life, Friendship, Group Commitments.

Aquarius: Social Rank, Education, Status, Career.

Pisces: Publishing, Education, Travel, Regional Differences.

The Mercury Retrograde is about business, cash flow, life/travel insurance, financial negotiations, and contracts.

It is the time where you make first, second and even third attempts with plans deliberately - knowing that it will benefit from being reshaped. It will be wise to read the fine prints on agreements as it is likely there will be mistakes or even missing pages. Tax returns could be questioned.

This time is good for rescheduling, rethinking, rehearsal and reviewing. It is not so good for landmark decisions like purchasing properties or selling shares. Some people may even benefit from delays changes or reversals on this particular cycle. BUT you do need to know what you are doing.

Scorpio rules money and sex it also rules money and death. This is all about intensely personal relationships such as marriage and their impact on agreements like a mortgage/ finances. When Mercury goes back and forth through Scorpio the 8th house you are very unlikely to see clear results.

Be CAUTIOUS when entering new agreements about houses, finances, child support, possesions, or business contracts with someone you have an intense relationship with (partner/lover). We are in Scorpio territory so don't expect a straightforward outcome.

Ensure You Know What You're Doing During The Mercury Retrograde.

The Mercury Retrograde for October / November 2019 will travel from 27degrees Scorpio back to 11degrees Scorpio. Mercury stations retrograde conjunct the planet venus the goddess of war and love, interestingly the last Mercury retrograde stationed retrograde while conjunct the planet Mars.

This is an amazing time to heal old love wounds from ex-partners, it could potentially be a good time for reconciliation to take place in a romantic relationship that has become painful or destructive.

Mercury could fall one of two ways here either it is a spy who works ethically to uncover the truth for the humanities greater good or it can be a high-class swindler. From my research, I have noticed Mercury can be quiet the trickster and wear many masks.

The mind is difficult to read but those who are touched by this retrograde will be able to read other's mind and their psychic powers will reach their peak.

Halfway through this retrograde, we will see we have Sun Cazimi Mercury, it will be fixed on the star Zubenelschemali in the northern scale of Libra.

This start is supposedly very fortunate being that it is on the scale of gain. This opens a window of wonderfulness where we can stand in the eye of a storm and come out in one piece. Make use of this time maybe send a romantic message that hits the mark!