Mercury Retrograde Pre Shadow October 11th - October 30th...

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

It's back! The cycle that affects everything from your finances, communication, technology, and travel plans with the first shadow on October 11th.

The Sun Sign-On Mercury Retrograde October - November 2019

I have listed below all the things that the Mercury Retrograde is likely to affect for all the 12 Astrological Houses.

Aries: Banking, Joint Finances, Finances, Houses & Apartments, Valuables.

Taurus: Former Parterns, Partners, Potential Partners, Rivals or Opponents.

Gemini: Workload, Lifestyle, House Work, Doctors & Healers, Daily Routine, Health & Fitness.

Cancer: Children, Parenthood-potential relationships, Young people and Teenagers.

Leo: Houses & Apartments, Home town & Homeland, Family Circle.

Virgo: Communication, Education, Social Media, Internet, Travel, Commuting.

Libra: Finances, Banking, Charity, Business, Accounting, Property, Valuables.

Scorpio: Profile, Imagine, Name, Label, Social Media Pressence, Appearence, Title, Reputation.

Sagittarius: Astrology to Science, Psychology, Inner Demons, Religion, Beliefs.

Capricorn: Social Media, Social Life, Friendship, Group Commitments.

Aquarius: Social Rank, Education, Status, Career.