Venus Retrograde 2020

Venus Retrograde started on May 13th in Gemini, and it will end on June 25th. The Venus Retrograde usually makes it difficult to give and receive love and affection. During this period in your love life, lovers and old friends may reappear to sort out karmic issues. 

The May 2020 Venus Retrograde is square Neptune, which increases the need for affection, but this can also confuse love. 

Venus Retrograde

Transiting Venus Retrograde occurs once every nineteen months for roughly six weeks (42 days). Due to Venus being in Retrograde for far less time than Mars or Mercury, we feel this energy shift the most. 

During Venus in retrograde, your relationships may go through a difficult time, as it is hard to give and receive love. Venus also rules money; it is traditionally thought that the Venus retrograde is not the best time to be investing your money or buy costly items.

You are likely to become interested in someone or something of value that brings you much pleasure. It is also possible you will meet your destiny and meet a soul mate. However, take things slow right now; don't make any sudden changes or big decisions. 

Venus retrograde is all about improving how you feel about yourself and love. Think about the things that bring you a lot of pleasure. Remember, old flames and ex-best friends might crop up right now. Reminiscing about former partners will also remove karmic baggage. 

The Venus Retrograde 2020

The Venus Retrograde phase is just one part of the retrograde cycle. The whole cycle is firstly Venus going direct, retrograde, and then direct again over the same degrees. The two direct phases are known as shadow periods. 

April 9th to May 13th - The first shadow phase from Venus entering the retrograde zone until Venus stations retrograde. 

May 13th - June 25th - The retrograde phase lasts from Venus stationary retrograde until the Venus direction station. 

June 25th to July 29th - The second shadow phase lasts from Venus stationary direct until Venus leaves the retrograde zone. 

Venus Retrograde Square Neptune

Venus square Neptune climaxes May 20th but stays within 2 degrees orb from April 28th to May 25th. This is a powerful influence on this retrograde cycle. It increases your need to love, attention, and all things tender. 

You may start to feel insecure within yourself and how you look. A poor self-image can lead to difficulties within relationships. 

You may also be more naive when it comes to lies, and people may try to take advantage of you. So, it is essential to avoid idealising romantic interests if you are dating during this time. 

Venus square Neptune will be especially challenging for love relationships that already suffer from mistrust. But relationships based on mutual understanding and trust might enjoy this amplified romance. 

The potential for low - esteem and lack of self - discipline present a challenge if you're dieting. 

Fixed Stars

Venus stations retrograde in the Horns of the Bull. However, it also aligns with two stars in constellations of Orion and Auriga. 

  • Gamma Orionis, Bellatrix

  • Venus retrograde 2020

  • Alpha Aurigae, Capella

The fixed star Bellatrix with Venus indicates suffering through love affairs. 

The Female Warrior star brings courage and advancement and success. It also allows you to make quicker decisions. 

The square Neptune aspect brings Bellatrix with difficult energy. This will bring envy and hatred. 

Venus Stations Direct

Venus stations direct on Thursday, June 25th 2020, in Gemini, and Venus makes no planetary aspect. 

Venus leaves the retrograde zone on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020.