What is the Subconscious Mind?

We are not unfamiliar with the talk about conscious and unconscious types of actions when a scientist talks about the brain. Most of us are even familiar with the idea that our behaviour is a lot less rational than we believe to be.  

Whether we like it or not, our ability to synchronize movements, control thoughts, or experience emotions is dependent on the depth of information processing.

So let me explain what the following words mean:

Conscious - defines all actions and thoughts within our awareness. For example, the pleasance of the smell of a red rose.

Subconscious - defines automatic actions and reactions we become aware of it we begin to think about them. For example, the ability to drive a car: once we are skilled we stop thinking which gears to use and which pedals to press, yet we can always become aware of what was done once we think about it.

Unconscious - defines all past memories and events, inaccessible to us no matter how hard we try to remember. For example, how it felt to walk or our first word.

So essentially your subconscious mind is acting like a storage unit of everything that is not currently in your conscious mind. It is a powerful secondary system that runs everything within your life. To use the subconscious mind as a powerful tool, you need to learn how to stimulate communication between the conscious and subconscious mind to give happiness and success.

Your subconscious is also your guidance system; it is continuously monitoring the information coming from the senses for opportunities and dangers. Your subconscious would then communicate that information to the conscious mind.

The communication between the conscious and subconscious mind is bidirectional. Each time you have an idea, memory, emotion, or image from the past that is the subconscious mind communicating to your conscious mind. Communication, in the other way, is not so trivial, and it is achieved using the principle of auto-suggestion.

Have you ever heard that humans only use a portion of their brains? This is mainly due to the subconscious mind. We may still not know enough about it, but what we do know is that it runs and controls almost everything we do.

For example, when you're meditating, you start by controlling your breath, you get control from the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind gives it to your conscious mind. You begin with breathing deeply, and within your stomach, you stop to control it, and your subconscious mind starts to do it. You stop thinking about it, and your breathing continues to be relaxed until another stimulus changes it like stress. Everything is controlled within the back of your head.

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