What To Do Under The Taurus New Moon...

Most of you may already know what a New Moon represents, but do you know how each Zodiac flavours the New Moon in their unique ways? Let's get into it, shall we? Each New Moon falls in one sign of the Zodiac or another; as a result, each New Moon acquires a particular flavour as it takes on the qualities of each sign. Tuning into these energies is a part of what it means to 'live consciously': being aware of the energies tunes us into the cosmos. The Sun takes a month to move through one sign and 12 months to go through all signs. In comparison, our speedy moon takes roughly 2-3 days to go through each sign and one month to move through all 12.

If you plan your life in alignment with the New Moon, you will find a good flow into your life. This guide applies to each and everyone one of us regardless of what our Sun, Moon, or Rising is. Therefore, the idea is to connect with all 12 New Moons, so you work magic in pretty much every aspect of your life.

Here are five things to do under the Taurus New Moon:

1. Make A Financial Plan

One of the most obvious things to do under a New Moon is to have a long hard look at your financial situation. Cash, property, and possessions are all in focus at this time of the year. Money is not a dirty word unless we make it one, so think of where you stand financially now, versus where you would like to be by the end of the year.

2. Love Yourself

One of the most significant issues around this time is your self - worth. Think about what you value in yourself and what you value at large. If you don't value yourself, it stands to reason that other people are unlikely to do so either. Make a list of the five things you value most. Are you living in a way that allows you to focus on these things? If not, what can you do about it?

3. Be Sensual

This is a great time to relax if you can. Taurus may be charging bull at times, but the energy equally relates to the contended bull in the field. Use the New Moon in Taurus to take a look around your life. Ask yourself, 'what would make my life better?' The Taurus New Moon is also sensual, so use this month to tickle yourself and your senses. Take a long hot bath, pamper yourself, get a massage if you can. Eat well and sleep late, Taurus is all about feeling good in your body. It's about delicious physical pleasures and sensations.

4. Character Check

Are you too lazy or stubborn? These are reasonable questions to ask once a year, and the New Moon in the often stubborn and lazy Taurus is a beautiful time to do it. Maybe you aren't lazy enough.

5. Persevere

The flip side of point 4 is that even though the Taurus energy can be slightly indolent (we all have Taurus in our charts somewhere), it's also earthy and patient. Whatever you're working on right now, be it in your professional or personal life, this New Moon comes as a sign to you to wind things down a little, and to move slowly and surely towards your goals. Perseverance is the name of the game this month.

What will you be doing under the upcoming New Moon in Taurus?