Your Personal Year Number - 2020

How you experience the energy of every year and, more specifically, when we are going into 2020, the Universal 4 year will be dependent on your own personal year in Numerology.

Your personal year number in Numerology provides an in-depth insight into the potential themes and life experiences in any calendar year. Every personal year is part of a 1 through to 9-year cycle that colours your life with potential opportunities, gifts of insight, and challenges.

Reading your unique personal year number in conjunction with our global Universal 4 year in Numerology provides a deeper understanding of the cycles of this humanity and earth and the influence this may have on your experiences of your personal year.

To calculate your personal year number, you need to take your day of birth, add it to your month and add it to the current year - adding all the individual digits together. If the sum of these digits comes to a double-digit, e.g. (24), then add these digits together ( 2 + 4 = 6 ) to reduce the number to a single digit.

For example, I am born on the 30th of May (the 5th month), so in numerological terms, in 2020 I am in the personal '3' year: 3 + 0 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 12 and 1 + 2 = 3 Personal Year.

Once you have calculated your personal year number, then please read the applicable personal year write up below to understand more about the current cycle within your life and how you can work with the energy going through 2020.

Personal Year Number 1:

Keywords: Star of a New Cycle, Rebirth, New Beginnings

This year represents new beginnings as you step into a whole new 9-year cycle of evolution and growth. You will feel enthusiastic, vital, and motivated as you set new visions and goals for this new cycle of your life. Within the last cycle, you have gained a lot of wisdom, and you now have a choice to put this wisdom into practice with the new cycle. A personal 1 year is not only about setting the foundations for the next 9 years, but it is about taking action and physically planting the seeds to give birth to new opportunities over the next nine years.

Personal Year Number 2:

Keywords: Rhythm, Decisions, Patience

A personal 2 year is about alliances, relationships, and making choices. After all that enthusiasm of your personal 1 year, you may find a personal 2 year very frustrating as it can appear from the outside to be fraught with obstacles, delays, and a lot of waiting. After 'planting the seed' in year 1, it started to bear roots and create foundations; then, in year 2, the 'seed starts to grow' with the shoot breaking into '2' and sprouting leaves. Suddenly you're in a position to begin to see the physical expression of your personal year 1 choice - hence it is a year of reflection and understanding 'what will it take to make this 9-year plant grow.' You may have to adjust your visions, meet new people, and network to like-minded souls or even make changes in yourself. This is a year of choice, and your imagination only limits the possibilities.

Personal Year Number 3:

Keywords: Celebrating Wins, Fun, Joy

As the saying goes 'all good things come in 3's' thus in a personal 3 year, you will begin to see some 'wins' in your life as all that envisioning in year 1 and then choices you made in year 2 will begin to pay off in year 3. In a personal 3 year, you will have that air of confidence that will make you look alluring to others; thus, things may tend to fall into your lap this year - be it in business, relationships, or finances. However, be aware not to say 'yes' to everything, as you may end the year on an overload or burnout. Use your charm this year to delegate and free up time to play and celebrate the wins if you can bank all of that 'gold finger' energy, as you will need it in the next year.

Personal Year Number 4:

Keywords: Hard work, Karma, Responsibility

How you choose to align with this year will determine whether you will experience a year of grace and ease or find a personal 4 year to be the year from hell! A personal 4 year is your time to make good on all of your commitments made from your personal 3 year and take responsibility by walking your talk. It's an opportunity to reflect on your patterns and how these maybe molded from old beliefs, opinions of others, or possibly even playing out stories of past lives. This is the year of growing up, so be prepared to break the cycles of old and all that is not working. Make decisions from a place of higher purpose and the highest soul potential. It is time to roll your sleeves up and get down to business, as in work your ass off! How committed are you to the goals that you made in year 1?

Personal Year Number 5:

Keywords: FREEDOM, Adventure, Travel

After all of the introverted self - analysis and hard work within your personal 4 year. The discovery you have made is actually making you free to make choices about your own life, and you are not bound by the thoughts, beliefs, and opinions of others. This is a year to put this new found freedom to work and go travelling, seek out new adventures, make new friends.

Personal Year Number 6:

Keywords: Home, Heart, Family, Lovers

After expressing all that freedom in your personal 5 year, you may come to release that there is no place like home and that home really is where the heart is. A personal 6 year is all about blossoming all of your heart connections committing to an existing relationship, or ending a stagnant relationship to open the golden door of opportunity for a new relationship to blossom. You may feel guided to spend much more time with family and friends; forgiveness may be a big lesson for you this year. This is a great year to get married, engaged, or start a family and make new friendships made this year will often be for life. You may also be guided to build the heart of your business or home, nesting, and being of service to others.

Personal Year Number 7:

Keywords: Improvement, Self-Awareness, Mystic, Introverted

A personal 7 year is the opportunity to self-reflect on yourself as a soul having a physical experience and to psycho analyse just what means to you. Who are you on planet Earth? Does your life add value to the world? Do you make a difference? This is the big yea to face some truths and go within yourself to seek the answers to big questions. This is a year to find out how you can be the 'alchemist' and manifest your dreams for not only your highest purpose but for the highest good of all. You may be guided this year to spend more time by yourself, travel outside of your local area, or take up new projects.

Personal Year Number 8:

Keywords: Polarity

In the personal 8 year everything to be magnified thus what you focus your attention on this year you will receive more of. In the personal 8 year, you will tend to have that intangible quality that makes you desirable and attractive to others it is up to you whether you flaunt it or stick your head in the sand and hide it. When you focus positively on abundance in finances, wealth & career, this year expect returns to flow much more easily this year. But of course, if you go into the poverty-stricken 'woe is me,' you will truly manifest that reality and have a most woeful year on record. You have the potential of the 'Midas touch' this year, the world is your oyster should you choose to believe in yourself.

Personal Year Number 9:

Keywords" End of a Cycle, Service, Completion

It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your 9-year journey, review all of your experiences and wisdom gained, and make decisions on how you will choose to commence the near year in a new cycle. It is a great year also to share your experiences with others in service, offering pears of wisdom from your journey. For many people, the personal 9 year can be irritating as if he shoes just did not fit anymore, and you want to leap into the next personal year 1, as you feel a disconnection with the last 9-year cycle and want to pursue new aspirations and visions for your life. Breathe, be, rest, and recuperate this year enjoy the fruits of all your efforts from your 'seed planting' in the past year 1, and then take the seeds from your fruits and use these to start your personal 1 year in the next cycle. Remember, it is essential to tie up all loose ends in a 9-year, reflet, and embrace all that you have learned and practice forgiveness and let go of all that is no longer needed.

Personal Year Master Numbers

While many Numerologists prefer to reduce personal year numbers to single digits, where the personal year number reduce to a 'Master Number' (such as 11,22), I prefer to work with both the Master Number and then reflect on the reduced number.

The master number amplifies the energy of the individual number, creating a 'masterful' exponential potential. A master number can be challenging to work with at times as the energy is commanding; however, when harnessed, a Master Number can lead to extraordinary experiences and opportunities in your life.

The reduced Master Number is also important to consider, even though the reduced number diminishes the full potency of the Master Number. I find that the energy of the reduced Master Number may come into force whereby the gifts inherent within Master Number have not been received. This is not necessarily a negative occurrence, just a weakened experience of a greater potential.

Personal Year 11:

Keywords: The Mystic.

Charismatic, Insightful, Idealistic, Intuitive, Inspirational, Wise, Dreamer, Spiritually Aware, Empathetic.

Shadow: Jealous, Lazy, possessive, Obsessive, Egotistical, Nervous, Mood, and Self - Destructive.

Greater Potential/Gifts: Teacher, Writer, Healer, Medium, Psychic, Musician, Philosopher, Innovator.

Personal Year 22:

Keywords: The Master Builder.

Visionary, Dedicated, Forward-Thinking, Charismatic, Creative, Practical.

Shadow: Workaholic, Lazy, Demanding, Controlling, Awkward, Addictions, Allergies, Arrogant.

Greater Potential/Gifts: Teacher, Writer, Healer, Business thought-leader.

What does 2020 hold for you based on your personal year number?


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