We offer a range of services from oracle card readings to astrology birth charts broken down to the Astro Profile and the Natal Profile. 


We use divine knowledge, intuition and clairvoyant abilities to help guide, heal and educate the ones who seek it. 


Exploring any of the three services with myself with kickstart your spiritual journey, create a positive mindset and gain clarity on who you are.

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Oracle cards - sometimes called divination decks or cards - are a set of cards with pictures and meanings that are specific to the vision of the creator(s) of the deck. 

I use my intuition and clairvoyant abilities to help heal and guide those who have questions. 


In the Astro Profile, I will tell you what your Sun and Moon Sign is. I will also tell you you're Ascendant, Descendant and love compatibility.  


In your Natal Profile, I will provide you all the information I did in the Astro profile but, I will also tell you where the other planets were at the time of your birth and how that affects you.

Oracle Card Reading

I use a variety of Oracle cards to help me understand the energies around a person or situation which allows me to understand what's going on and what guidance/help they need. I can do a general reading or you can ask me specific questions you want the answers to. I specify in Love + Relationships, Finances, Career and family. 


I do my readings over the phone or I can tune into your energy via email whichever you prefer. A general reading can range anywhere for 20-60 minutes. I will also use other oracle decks to get further clarification during the reading to make sure it is accurate, specific and healing. 

Astro Profile

In your Astro Profile, I will provide you with your Sun sign which is also referred to as your "star sign" this will give me a general overview of your personality. Then I will tell you what your Moon sign is and go into detail, our Moon sign is the second biggest influence in your birth chart after your Sun sign. Your Moon sign will represent your emotions and inner moods. The two together strongly influence your emotional mode of operation. 


I will advise you on what your Ascendant and Descendant is and go into thorough detail of how this affects you. The Ascendant and Descendant work together to give a more complete look on the individual/ The Ascendant also is known as the rising sign - represents the way others see you, your general impression on people and your spontaneous reactions. The Descendant represents the type of individual who is most attractive to you in life, it is also the opposite of the Ascendant. Your Descendant is like your shadow side (the astrological filter of how we experience the world and how we project ourselves to others), Our Descendant reflects everything that we are not, but could potentially gravitate towards in others and life over and over again. 


I will also tell you about your compatibility with other astrological houses and how you are in a relationship. Certain elements complement each other and form a great union. Air and Fire signs pair well together while Earth and Water signs pair well, you bring each other something no one else can. Understanding and knowing this will allow you to handle people you don't understand better and grow both individually and as a union. I will go into detail with your most compatible sign, how that relationship will be generally and how to overcome some of the challenges you may face. 

Natal Profile

They say human beings don't come with an instruction manual, I beg to differ. In your Natal Profile, I will provide you everything provided in your Astro Profile and more. The further analysis I will do is seeing exactly where all the planets were at the time of your birth and what astrological house that links to. This will give me an ever bigger outlook on you as an individual. The next most important position I will analyse is your Midheaven which will give me clues on your career and aspirations. This position in your birth chart is also is your reputation in the eyes of society as well as the ways you will go about getting this. I will do this analysis for every planet and 12 houses. 


I will provide you with your birth chart diagram and analyse/explain all of this. 


To give you a rough idea this is what I will be looking for:

  • What Zodiac sign you are and which of the 12 houses each planet in the chart is in.

  • Mars, Venus and the Moon's zodiac sign and house for love.

  • Saturn to discover where you could need to work harder, Jupiter for where you may be lucky.

  • The angles formed between any two planets. 

  • If there are 3 or more planets in one sign which, is also know as the Stellium, it creates a heavy concentration of one specific energy for the person. 

  • The balance of elements in the chart. 

  • The balance of qualities in the chart (are the planets in cardinal, mutable or fixed signs?)


Tarot Reading
General Reading - £20.00
Love & Relationships - £15.00
Career / Education - £15.00
1 Question - £12.99
2 Questions - £17.99
3 Questions - £22.99
Astro Profile
Full Astro Profile - £9.99 
Natal Profile
Full Natal Profile - £17.99